Ten fun facts about Jimmy Carter

Fact 1
James Earl 'Jimmy' Carter Jr. was born on 1st October, 1924 in Plains city in Georgia.

Fact 2
Carter applied to the U.S Naval Academy and graduated with a BSc degree with an unspecified major. He later majored in reactor technology and nuclear physics.

Fact 3
Carter was the Governor of Georgia from January 1971 till January 1975.

Fact 4
Carter reluctantly signed the death penalty statute in the new legislation, which ordered a death penalty in cases of rape, murder and other offenses, in the year 1973.

Fact 5
During his term as the President, he created two new departments at the cabinet-level, namely Department of Energy and Department of Education and also formed the National Energy Policy.

Fact 6
Carter's presidential tenure was at a time when America was facing constant inflation in its economy and also an energy crisis.

Fact 7
Carter decided to boycott the Summer Olympics of 1980 that were held in Moscow, in order to backlash the Soviet Union for invading Afghanistan. This event lead to a bitter controversy.

Fact 8
Carter is described as being much better as a man than a president and his administration was criticized for lacking experience and for paying too much attention to details.

Fact 9
Carter along with his wife established the non-profit Carter Center that strives for the advancement of the human rights, in the year 1982. Carter is an active member of the Habitat for Humanity project.

Fact 10
Carter is the recipient of the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize and is the only U.S President to have received the honor after leaving the office.

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Short about Jimmy Carter
Is an American politician and was the President of the United States from 1977 to 1981.