Ten fun facts about Chester A. Arthur

Fact 1
Chester Alan Arthur was born on October 5, 1829 in Vermont and died on November 18, 1886.

Fact 2
He became the president after President James A. Garfield was assassinated.

Fact 3
Arthur struggled to overcome reservations due to his early stages as a politician from the New York City Republican, following that task by accepting the cause of civil service reform.

Fact 4
His promotion and then implementation of the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act was the focal point of his administration.

Fact 5
Appointed by President Ulysses S. Grant to the profitable and politically influential post of Collector of the Port of New York in 1871, he was a chief advocate of Conkling and the Stalwart faction of the Republican Party.

Fact 6
Rutherford B. Hayes fired Arthur in 1878 as part of the plan to change the federal patronage system in New York.

Fact 7
When James Garfield was elected President in 1880, Arthur was selected for Vice President to stabilize the ticket by adding an eastern Stalwart to it.

Fact 8
Chester Alan Arthur supervised the revival of the United States Navy but was critiqued for failing to lessen the federal budget excess that had been collecting since the end of the American Civil War.

Fact 9
Chester Alan Arthur was the president from 1881– 1885). Suffering from poor health, he made only a partial effort to get re-nominated in 1884 and retired at the end of his term.

Fact 10
Though his poor health and political character joined to make his administration less active than a modern presidency, he got praise among colleagues for his great performance in office.

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Short about Chester A. Arthur
Was the 21st President of the United States.