Ten fun facts about Douglas

Fact 1
The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Race, a motorcycle racing event, starts and finishes in Douglas.

Fact 2
In 2011, the population of Douglas was about 28,939 people.

Fact 3
The first documentation of the town in 1511 shows only thirteen resident households in the settlement.

Fact 4
Closed in 2008, the Victoria Road Prison was the first purpose-built prison constructed on the Isle of Man and housed prisoners from 1891 to 2008.

Fact 5
Douglas is the birthplace of the three Gibb brothers who later formed 'The Bee Gees'.

Fact 6
A memorial in Douglas dedicated to those who died in World War I and World War II, stands about 50 feet high with a 3 ton soldier called 'The Manxman'.

Fact 7
There are 8 to 17 football clubs from Douglas that compete in the Isle of Man Football League.

Fact 8
Only two high schools are in Douglas: Ballakermeen High School and St. Ninian's High School.

Fact 9
In 1887 during Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, 3,10,916 visitors arrived for the event.

Fact 10
Since the original layout of the streets was maze-like, the infrastructure was altered in 1878 to convenience tourists.

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Short about Douglas
The capital and largest town of the Isle of Man.