Facts on American people of Welsh descent

Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama ran for president November 4th 2008. He is the first Afro-American president of the US.

10 facts about Barrack Obama

Bob Hope

Was an English-born American comedian and actor who appeared on Broadway,

10 facts about Bob Hope

John Adams

Was the second president of America, widely famous because of several historical events that marked his presidency

10 facts about John Adams

Thomas Jefferson

Is best known for his role in writing the Declaration of Independence, his foreign services, his two terms as president and his omnipresent face on the modern nickel

10 facts about Thomas Jefferson

James Monroe

Was the fifth President of the US from 1817 to 1825.

10 facts about James Monroe

John Quincy Adams

who shaped the foreign policy in line with his ardently nationalist commitment to America’s republican values.

10 facts about John Quincy Adams

James A. Garfield

Was the 20th President of the United States of America.

10 facts about James A. Garfield

Chester A. Arthur

Was the 21st President of the United States.

10 facts about Chester A. Arthur

Warren G. Harding

Was the 29th President of the United States (1921–1923).

10 facts about Warren G. Harding

Bill Clinton

Is an American politician and was the 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001.

10 facts about Bill Clinton

Jack Nicholson

Is an American actor who has won several academy awards.

10 facts about Jack Nicholson

Anthony Hopkins

Is one of the most prolific actors who has been nominated for and has won numerous awards including the Best Actor Oscar multiple times.

10 facts about Anthony Hopkins

Kevin Costner

Is an award winning actor and director who is well-known around the world.

10 facts about Kevin Costner

Tommy Lee Jones

Is a professional character actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood hits during his memorable career.

10 facts about Tommy Lee Jones

Jason Robards

Is a Chicago born, Los Angeles raised, All-American actor.

10 facts about Jason Robards

Michael Douglas

Is a well-respected American actor who has won several awards during his career in films.

10 facts about Michael Douglas

Dennis Hopper

Is an iconic Hollywood television and film actor.

10 facts about Dennis Hopper

Steve Martin

is an American actor, comedian, musician, author, screenwriter and film producer.

10 facts about Steve Martin

Leslie Nielsen

Was a much loved Canadian American actor and comedian.

10 facts about Leslie Nielsen

Vincent Price

Was a popular American actor.

10 facts about Vincent Price

Julia Roberts

Is an American film actress and producer known for her portrayal of diverse characters over the years.

10 facts about Julia Roberts

Michelle Pfeiffer

Is a very well known American movie actress known for her pivotal work in the acting world.

10 facts about Michelle Pfeiffer

Susan Sarandon

Is a very talented, award-winning American actress.

10 facts about Susan Sarandon

Andie MacDowell

Is an American model and actress

10 facts about Andie MacDowell

Hilary Swank

is an American film actress

10 facts about Hilary Swank

Juliette Lewis

Is a well known American actress and singer.

10 facts about Juliette Lewis

Holly Hunter

Is an award winning American actress.

10 facts about Holly Hunter

Jefferson Davis

was a United States soldier and statesman, and was the President of the Confederate States of America during the entire Civil War which was fought from 1861 to 1865

10 facts about Jefferson Davis