Ten fun facts about Andie MacDowell

Ten fun facts about Andie MacDowell

1. Andie MacDowell Signs With Wilhelmina Models

On a trip to Los Angeles, Andie MacDowell was spotted by a representative from Wilhelmina Models, who quickly signed her up to the agency. This was a major turning point in her career, as it opened up a world of opportunities for the aspiring model and actress. Andie has since gone on to become one of the most recognizable faces in the entertainment industry, with a successful career spanning over three decades.

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2. Andie MacDowell's Family B&B

Andie MacDowell's family owned a beautiful Antebellum period summer-house in Arden, North Carolina, which is now a bed-and-breakfast known as the Blake House Inn. It holds a special place in MacDowell's heart, as the upstairs bedroom closet still contains graffiti from her childhood visits. It's a reminder of the happy memories she has of her family's summer-house, and a testament to the lasting legacy of her childhood.

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3. A Model, Actress, and Style Icon

In the early 1980s, Andie MacDowell was a highly sought-after model for Vogue magazine, appearing in a number of high-profile ad campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Armani perfume, Vassarette, Mink International, and Sabeth-Row. Her work for these brands helped to establish her as one of the most recognizable faces in the fashion industry, and her success as a model paved the way for her successful transition into acting.

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4. Andie MacDowell Soars: TV Ads, Billboards to Blame

Andie MacDowell's career skyrocketed after her appearance in national television commercials and billboards for Calvin Klein in Times Square. This exposure caught the attention of movie producers, and she was soon cast in her debut role in the 1984 film “Greystroke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes”. This was the start of a successful acting career for MacDowell, who has since starred in numerous films and television shows.

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5. Southern Accent Made Her Debut in 'Greystoke'

Andie MacDowell made her debut in the 1984 film Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, but her thick Southern accent was deemed too strong for the role. As a result, her lines were dubbed by the acclaimed actress Glenn Close, who provided a more subtle and refined voice for the character. MacDowell's Southern drawl was a defining feature of her early career, and she has since gone on to star in a number of successful films, including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Groundhog Day, and Magic Mike XXL.

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6. A Method Acting Master

After making her debut in the film industry, Andie MacDowell quickly sought to hone her craft by studying method acting at the renowned Actors Studio. To further her development, she enlisted the help of Harold Guskin, a highly respected acting coach, to provide her with personal guidance and instruction. With her dedication to the craft and the help of her coach, Andie has gone on to become one of the most successful actresses of her generation.

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7. Andie MacDowell's Career Soared in the 1990s

Andie MacDowell's career skyrocketed in the 1990s with her starring roles in iconic films such as the 1993 comedy "Groundhog Day" and the 1994 romantic comedy "Four Weddings and a Funeral". These films not only brought her stardom, but also placed her firmly in the Hollywood limelight, where she has remained ever since.

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8. The Face of L'Oreal for Over 30 Years

Andie MacDowell has been a long-time face of L'Oreal, having graced their television and print ads since 1986. Her stunning looks have made her the perfect choice for the beauty brand, and she has been a part of their campaigns for over three decades. MacDowell's timeless beauty has been a major factor in her success, and her partnership with L'Oreal has been a major part of her career.

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9. From Gap Model to Ex-Husband

Andie MacDowell met her former husband, Paul Qualley, while they were both modeling for Gap ads. Paul was a rancher and former model, and the two were married from 1986 to 1999. During their time together, they had three children, Rainey, Sarah Margaret, and Justin. After their divorce, Andie went on to star in a number of films, including Four Weddings and a Funeral, Groundhog Day, and Multiplicity.

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10. Andie MacDowell to make her Hallmark Channel debut in 2013

Andie MacDowell is set to make her debut in Hallmark Channel's first-ever prime-time television series, "Cedar Cove," in 2013. Shooting for the series is scheduled to begin in mid-June, and MacDowell will be taking on the lead role. This marks a major milestone for the Hallmark Channel, as it will be the first time the network has ever produced a prime-time series. MacDowell is sure to bring her signature charm and grace to the production, making it a must-see for fans of the actress.

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