Ten fun facts about Jeremy Irons

Ten fun facts about Jeremy Irons

1. From 'Godspell' to Oscar-Winning Actor

In 1971, Jeremy Irons made his big break into the acting world when he was cast as John the Baptist in the musical “Godspell”. This was the first major role for the then-unknown actor, and it proved to be a defining moment in his career. After his performance in “Godspell”, Irons went on to become one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation, winning an Academy Award for Best Actor in 1990 for his role in “Reversal of Fortune”.

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2. Two-time Oscar nominee, acclaimed actor

Jeremy Irons is an acclaimed actor who has starred in a variety of films, including two in which he played characters with the same first and last name. In the 1997 film Lolita, Irons portrayed Humbert Humbert, a middle-aged professor who becomes infatuated with a young girl. In the 2002 film And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen..., Irons played Valentine, a jewel thief who is on the run from the law. Both characters are complex and multifaceted, and Irons' performances in both films have been praised by critics.

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3. Labour Party supporter for over 20 years

Jeremy Irons is a passionate advocate for the Labour Party, having donated generously to the cause. He is a firm believer in the party's values and has been a major donor for many years, showing his commitment to the cause. His support for the Labour Party has been unwavering, and he continues to be a vocal supporter of the party's policies and initiatives.

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4. From Busker to Award-Winning Actor

Before becoming an acclaimed actor, Jeremy Irons was once a busker, performing outside of movie theaters with his guitar. As a busker, he sang and played his guitar to entertain passersby, hoping to earn some money in the process. His hard work and dedication eventually paid off, as he went on to become an award-winning actor, with roles in films such as The Lion King, Reversal of Fortune, and The Man in the Iron Mask.

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5. Aids Advocate and Red Ribbon Wearing Star

. Jeremy Irons is a passionate advocate for AIDs research, and was one of the first actors to publicly display a Red Ribbon on his clothing when making public appearances. By wearing a Red Ribbon, Irons is showing his support for AIDs research and raising awareness of the cause. His commitment to the cause has been unwavering, and he continues to use his platform to promote AIDs research and encourage others to do the same.

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6. English Football Fanatic

Jeremy Irons is an avid English football fan, with a particular affinity for Portsmouth F.C. The Academy Award-winning actor has been a lifelong supporter of the team, often attending matches and expressing his enthusiasm for the club on social media. He has even been known to don the team's colors when attending events, proudly displaying his allegiance to the team.

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7. Jeremy Irons, the Academy Award-winning actor, owns Kilcoe Castle

Jeremy Irons, the Academy Award-winning actor, is the proud owner of Kilcoe Castle, a stunning 15th century castle located in the picturesque village of Ballydehob in County Cork, Ireland. The castle, which is a popular tourist destination, features a beautiful garden, a large courtyard, and a chapel. It is also surrounded by a moat and a drawbridge, making it a truly unique and remarkable sight.

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8. Jeremy Irons, Epcot's 'Spaceship Earth' Narrator, Returns

The acclaimed actor Jeremy Irons is the voice behind the narration of Epcot's iconic "Spaceship Earth" attraction. This beloved attraction takes guests on a journey through time, from the dawn of civilization to the present day, and Irons' narration provides a captivating and informative backdrop to the experience. His distinctive voice has become synonymous with the attraction, and his narration has been enjoyed by millions of guests since its debut in 1982.

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9. One of the Most Talented Actors of His Generation

In 1984, Jeremy Irons, the British actor, achieved great success on Broadway with his performance in the play “The Real Thing”. His portrayal of the lead role was so impressive that he was awarded the Tony Award for Best Actor, cementing his place as one of the most talented actors of his generation.

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10. Dumpster Diving for Treasures

Jeremy Irons has a unique hobby that he is surprisingly proud of - dumpster diving! In 1962, during an interview, Irons revealed that he goes through dumpsters looking for items that he calls 'treasures'. He has been doing this for years, and has found some interesting items, such as vintage furniture, books, and even a few antiques. He believes that these items have a story to tell, and that by rescuing them from the dumpster, he is preserving a part of history.

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Is an English actor who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1990 for the film Reversal Of Fortune where he played the character of Claus von Bulow.