Facts on Volpi Cup winners

Tim Robbins

Is an American born actor who is most recognized for his role in the Academy Award winning film “The Shawshank Redemption.”

10 facts about Tim Robbins

Robert Downey Jr.

Is an American actor who made his screen debut at the age of five.

10 facts about Robert Downey Jr.

Matthew Modine

Is a famous American actor who was born on 22nd March 1959 in Loma Linda, California.

10 facts about Matthew Modine

Jack Lemmon

Was an American actor and musician.

10 facts about Jack Lemmon

Julianne Moore

Is a British-American actress known for her Academy Award nominated roles and great work in comedy and drama movies.

10 facts about Julianne Moore

Andie MacDowell

Is an American model and actress

10 facts about Andie MacDowell

Frances McDormand

Is a vrery talented American stage and film actress.

10 facts about Frances McDormand