Ten fun facts about Matthew Modine

Fact 1
Matthew Modine’s father used to manage various drive-in theatres in Utah and Matthew used to end up watching every film multiple times. That was how he probably developed a passion for movies.

Fact 2
He once watched the making of “Oliver” the 1968 Oscar winning movie. This was the turning point in his life and he decided that the only thing he wanted to do in life was to act.

Fact 3
At the age of 18, he dropped out of college, moved to New York and took up any acting jobs that came his way. He augmented his acting income by working as a chef at a restaurant in Manhattan.

Fact 4
The 1983 comedy film” Baby It’s You” was his movie debut. The very same year, at the Venice Film Festival, he won the best actor award for his role in Robert Altman’s “Streamers”.

Fact 5
It wasn’t novel for Modine to act in sports movies. He had acted very willingly in “Any given Sunday” but said that the movie took a physical toll on him. He was 45 years old when the movie was filmed.

Fact 6
Modine very willingly played a disturbed Vietnam vet in the 1984 film “Birdy”. In the movie he is under the impression that he is a bird.

Fact 7
Matthew Modine turned down “Top Gun” in 1986. He had been offered the lead role which was later played by Tom Cruise.

Fact 8
In 1994 he made his movie directorial debut. It was a short movie titled “Smoking”.

Fact 9
He forayed into the world of theatre as well. His stage debut was in “Breaking Up” which was produced by the American Stage Company. His co-actor was Allison Janney.

Fact 10
Modine tried all acting mediums. He successfully played the role of a doctor who fought AIDS in the 1993-made “And the Band Played On”. He earned Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for that role.

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Short about Matthew Modine
Is a famous American actor who was born on 22nd March 1959 in Loma Linda, California.