Ten fun facts about Sándor Körösi Csoma

Fact 1
He is the author of the first Tibetan-English dictionary and grammar book.

Fact 2
He was called Phyi-glin-gi-grwa-pa in Tibetan, meaning “the foreign pupil” and was given the title of Bosatsu or Boddhisatva (Buddhist sainthood) by the Japanese in 1933.

Fact 3
His birth date is often given as April 4, although this is actually his baptism day and the year of his birth is debated by some authors who put it at 1787 or 1788 rather than 1784.

Fact 4
He was one of the first Europeans to master the Tibetan language and read two great encyclopedias of Buddhist literature the Kangyur (100 volumes) and the bsTan-'gyur (225 volumes).

Fact 5
From May 1827 to October 1830 he resided in Kanum in Upper Bashahr in the Simla Hill States where he studied the collection of Tibetan manuscripts he had amassed in Ladakh, living on a monthly stipend of Rs. 50/- from the British.

Fact 6
In 1833 he was unanimously elected as Honorary member of the Asiatic Society.

Fact 7
Hoping to study the claim and to find the place of origin of the Székelys and the Magyars by studying language kinship, he set off to Asia in 1820 and spent his lifetime studying the Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy.

Fact 8
Csoma de Kőrös is considered as the founder of Tibetology.

Fact 9
He was said to have been able to read in seventeen languages.

Fact 10
In Göttingen, he was noted for being literate in 13 languages including Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, German, and Romanian apart from Hungarian. In his Calcutta years he also mastered Bengali, Marathi and Sanskrit.

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Short about Sándor Körösi Csoma
was a Hungarian philologist and Orientalist

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