Ten fun facts about Sigmund Freud

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Fact 1
Freud’s studies have a mention of Anna O, the pseudonymous patient. Her real last name was Pappenheim and the famous supposedly-Freudian phase “the talking cure” was coined by her.

Fact 2
He had read a book named "The Art of Becoming an Original Writer in Three Days”, by Ludwig Borne. There is a distinct possibility that the idea for his famous concept of “free association” came from that book.

Fact 3
Georg Groddeck, the physician published a book in 1923 in which he mentioned the concept of “das es” (German). Freud credited Groddeck in his famous book “Das Ich und das Es”, the Latinized version is “The Ego and the Id” and most people believe it to be a Freudian concept.

Fact 4
Freud is known to have treated the famous composer Gustav Mahler for impotency.

Fact 5
He was multilingual and spoke German, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, English, French, Spanish and Italian which truly is a whole lot of languages.

Fact 6
Sigmund Freud had an obsession for the number 51 and for a long time he believed that he would die at that age. Once he crossed that milestone safely, he grew fond of the number 62 though in reality neither of those numbers had any specific significance as he eventually died at the age of 83.

Fact 7
Freud strongly believed that women were the inferior of the two sexes and had classified homosexuality as a disorder that was rooted in the psyche.

Fact 8
He was fascinated with cocaine, abused it for over 12 years of his life and is supposed to have discontinued using it in 1896.

Fact 9
He very openly rejected anyone who disagreed with him either personally or professionally.

Fact 10
He died in 1939 after suffering from mouth and jaw cancer for 20 long years.

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Short about Sigmund Freud
Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist born in 1856 and well known as the founder of psychoanalysis.