Ten fun facts about Thomas Kuhn

Fact 1
There is an award called the "Thomas Kuhn Paradigm Shift Award" named in his honor, who is given to speakers who present original ideas despite mainstream scientific beliefs.

Fact 2
He is best known for his book, published in 1962, titled "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions". It introduced the paradigm shift.

Fact 3
While attending Harvard University, he obtained his B.s. degree, his M.s. and his Ph.D. in physics.

Fact 4
He taught at the University of California, Berkley and was named the Professor of the History of Science in 1961.

Fact 5
He was the president of the History of Science at Princeton University and then finally became the Professor of Philosophy at MIT.

Fact 6
Although his mother and father's side of the family were born Jewish, he remained an Agnostic.

Fact 7
His book raised controversy in the scientific community, making people question the way science differed in his explanation versus what they were taught.

Fact 8
In 1962, when the book was published, it only sold 919 copies, but by 1987 it had sold over 600,000 copies.

Fact 9
Along with a number of honorary doctorates, he was also awarded the George Sarton Medal in 1982.

Fact 10
He had similar beliefs with Michael Polanyi and some people even said he had plagiarised his work, though that was never actually the case.

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Short about Thomas Kuhn
An American historian and philosopher of science.