Ten fun facts about Ed Harris

Fact 1
Ed Harris has been highly acclaimed for his portrayal of artist Jackson Pollock in the 2000 film “Pollock”, for which he was nominated for the Best Actor Academy award. To prepare for the part he had a studio constructed at his home where he practiced painting the artwork of the artist.

Fact 2
In 2001, this actor was listed as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in People Magazine.

Fact 3
He was asked to appear in the 1990 film “State of Grace”. He was unable to accept the part because he was recovering from injuries he acquired during production of “The Abyss”. He claims that the production of “The Abyss” was the most physically demanding of all of the roles he has played.

Fact 4
Ed Harris received a nomination for the Best Actor Tony Award for the play “Precious Sons”.

Fact 5
Ed Harris has appeared in three films based on Stephen King novels. These are “Creepshow”, “Needful Things”, and “The Stand”.

Fact 6
The star’s favorite novel is “The Grapes of Wrath” written by John Steinbeck.

Fact 7
Before he became a famous Hollywood star, he had a job modeling suits. He even modeled suits live at the Oklahoma State Fair in the year 1971.

Fact 8
In 2010 actor Ed Harris was the spokesperson for “The Home Depot”.

Fact 9
He met his wife Amy Madigan while filming the movie “Places of the Heart”.

Fact 10
Actor Ed Harris has been referred to as “the thinking woman’s sex symbol” by numerous magazines and newspapers.

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Short about Ed Harris
Is a New Jersey born Hollywood performer best known for his performances in the movies “Enemy At The Gates”, “A Beautiful Mind” and “Pollock”.

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