Ten fun facts about Albert Einstein

Image of Albert Einstein

Fact 1:
Although Albert was a genius, he had bad memory.

Fact 2:
Albert stopped wearing socks because his big toes used to make a hole in them.

Fact 3:
Einstein was offered the Presidency of Israel in 1952 but declined it.

Fact 4:
After his death, his brain was removed for autopsy without the approval of his family.

Fact 5:
At the age of 17, he failed an early admission test for a University.

Fact 6:
At the age of five, his father gave him a compass; it was this compass that made him interested in science.

Fact 7:
When he was a child he had a speaking problem that his parents thought he had a mental-handicap problem.

Fact 8:
He received a physics Nobel prize in 1921.

Fact 9:
Albert was born in 1879 in Ulm, Germany.

Fact 10:
Albert died in 1955, at the age of 76.

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Short about Albert Einstein
Was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity.

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