Ten fun facts about New Zealand

Fact 1
The kiwi is not just a fruit. It is a local flightless bird and New Zealanders are also called “kiwis”. The fruit is actually called a “kiwifruit” or “Chinese gooseberries”.

Fact 2
New Zealand is the world’s first major nation that had universal suffrage. In 1983, voting was legalized for all female and male citizens.

Fact 3
Abel Tasman, a Dutch sailor discovered in 1642. Maoris killed several members of his crew and he finally fled the country. It was only in 1769 that the Europeans made an appearance here and Captain James cook mapped the land.

Fact 4
The Queen of England is the official Queen of New Zealand. The Governor General of New Zealand is her representative there.

Fact 5
It is one of the world’s three countries that have two official, equal-standing national anthems. The other two countries are Canada and Denmark.

Fact 6
The Moa was one of history’s largest birds. It grew upto 12 feet in height and could weigh upto 300kg. Unfortunately, towards the latter half of the 1500’s the Maoris hunted it to extinction.

Fact 7
It is the world’s first country whose top three positions were held simultaneously by women. Helen Clark- the Prime Minister, Dame Silvia Cartwright- the Governor General and Sian Elias- the Chief Justice.

Fact 8
New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington is the southernmost capital city on the planet.

Fact 9
The world’s largest known volcanic eruption in the last 70,000 years occurred in Lake Taupo. Over 530 cubit kms of magma were released and it had an explosivity index of 8.

Fact 10
The first man to reach the Mt Everest peak was Sir Edmund Hillary- a New Zealander. The country’s $5 bill has his face printed on it.

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Short about New Zealand
Is an island country located in the southwestern part of the Pacific Ocean.

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