Ten fun facts about Buick

Ten fun facts about Buick

1. One of the oldest automobile companies in the United States

Buick, one of the oldest automobile companies in the United States, was established in 1899 as the Buick Auto-Vim and Power Company. Four years later, in 1903, the company was rebranded as simply Buick. Today, the company is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan, and continues to produce some of the most iconic cars in the world.

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2. The Oldest Car Brand in the World

Buick is the oldest existing and active car brand of the true American make, and one of the oldest in the world. It has been around since 1899, and is still going strong today. As part of General Motors, Buick shares its make and style with other GM brands, making it a reliable and recognizable choice for drivers. With over 120 years of experience, Buick is a trusted name in the automotive industry.

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3. 50 Years of the Buick V8 Engine

In 1953, Buick celebrated its 50th anniversary with the introduction of the iconic Buick V8 engine. This powerful engine was the first of its kind, and it revolutionized the automotive industry. It was the first mass-produced V8 engine, and it was the first engine to feature a lightweight aluminum block. The Buick V8 engine was a major milestone in the history of the Buick brand, and it helped to cement Buick's reputation as a leader in the automotive industry.

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4. 75th anniversary of Buick celebrated with Regal Sport Coupe

In 1978, Buick celebrated its 75th anniversary with the introduction of the Regal Sport Coupe, which featured a turbocharged V6 engine. This engine was a major milestone for the brand, as it was the first time a turbocharged V6 had been used in a Buick vehicle. The Regal Sport Coupe was a popular model, and its turbocharged engine was a major selling point for the car. The 75th anniversary of Buick was a major milestone for the brand, and the Regal Sport Coupe was a fitting way to celebrate it.

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5. Buick's Popularity Continues

Buick has been a popular car brand in the United States, China, Canada, Israel, and Mexico for many years. In 1984, domestic sales of Buick cars in the United States skyrocketed, and the brand had an expansive model line that included a variety of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets. From luxury sedans to family-friendly SUVs, Buick has been a reliable and trusted car brand for decades.

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6. 1958 Buick Model Introduced as 'King of Chrome'

In 1957, the dawn of the space age was marked by the launch of Sputnik I, and the same year, the 1958 Buick model was introduced. This model was known as the 'king of chrome' due to its extensive use of chrome trim, which was a popular design feature of the era. The Buick model was a huge success, and its chrome-laden design was a major factor in its popularity.

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7. Buick never revived in New Zealand after World War II

Before World War II, the Buick was a popular car in New Zealand, with production and distribution reaching far and wide. Unfortunately, the War put a stop to this, and the Buick was never revived in New Zealand after the War ended. This meant that New Zealanders were unable to enjoy the luxury and comfort of the Buick for many years to come.

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8. Buick's success in China

Buick is a popular car brand around the world, and China is a major contributor to its success. In fact, China sells more Buick cars than the United States, accounting for up to 35% of Buick's global sales. This is a remarkable achievement, and it speaks to the popularity of the brand in the Chinese market.

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9. Buick's Successful motorsport history comes to an end

In the late eighties, Buick was a powerhouse in motorsport, achieving great success in the racing world. However, in the 1990s, General Motors decided to phase out Buick's involvement in motorsport, ending an era of success for the brand. Despite this, Buick remains a popular choice for drivers looking for a reliable and stylish vehicle.

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10. The First Car Sold

The first Buick car to be sold to the public was the 1904 Model B. This vehicle was a revolutionary step forward in the automotive industry, as it was the first car to be produced by the Buick Motor Company. It featured a two-cylinder engine, a three-speed transmission, and a top speed of around 30 mph. The Model B was a huge success, and it helped to establish Buick as a major player in the automotive industry.

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