Facts on Luxury motor vehicle manufacturers


Lamborghini is a sports car. The headquarters of Lamborghini is located at a small town in Italy called Sant’Agata Bolognese near Bologna.

10 facts about Lamborghini


Is headquartered in Germany in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg and is the multi-national division of Daimler AG, the German manufacturer.

10 facts about Mercedes-Benz


Is a car manufacturer that specializes in the production of luxury automobiles for markets all over the world.

10 facts about Lexus


Is a Japanese multinational car maker.

10 facts about Toyota


Is a manufacturer and distributor of cars and motorcycles.

10 facts about Audi


Is a company that specializes in the production and designing of cars that run on electricity.

10 facts about Tesla


Is a Japanese public-owned multinational company which primarily manufactures cars and motorcycles.

10 facts about Honda


Is an automobile manufacturer that is based in Japan and is now the sixth biggest worldwide as of the year 2011

10 facts about Nissan


Is an American car manufacturer and is one of the three biggest automakers in the world.

10 facts about Chrysler


Is a South Korean car maker and one of the most recognizable car brands worldwide.

10 facts about Hyundai

Aston Martin

Is an automobile manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom, specializing in the production of luxury sports cars.

10 facts about Aston Martin


Is an automobile manufacturer from Japan and also the fifteenth largest car maker in the world, in terms of production value.

10 facts about Mazda


Is an American luxury car brand owned by General Motors and has its market in North America in addition to more than 37 other nations.

10 facts about Cadillac


Is a part of Nissan Motor Company, the Japanese car manufacturing giant.

10 facts about Infiniti


Is a European multinational automobile manufacturer in France that came into existence in the year 1899.

10 facts about Renault


Is a Japanese automobile manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of luxury vehicles.

10 facts about Acura


Is a luxury automobile brand owned by General Motors.

10 facts about Buick


Is an automobile manufacture from Britain, specializing in the production of luxury cars for royalty and the everyday man.

10 facts about Jaguar

Land Rover

Is an automobile manufacturer in Britain and is known to focus on four-wheel-drive vehicles.

10 facts about Land Rover


Is an automobile maker in Sweden, reputed for its strict adherence to safety features.

10 facts about Saab


Is an automobile brand that is based in France, is known to provide its cars to the rest of Europe.

10 facts about Peugeot