Ten fun facts about Frank Hornby

Ten fun facts about Frank Hornby

1. The Toy Maker Who Revolutionized the Industry

Frank Hornby was a true visionary in the toy industry. He was the first to develop and manufacture a range of toys that would become iconic in the industry, such as Meccano, Hornby Trains, and Dinky Toys. His innovative approach to toy design and production revolutionized the industry, and his products are still popular today. His legacy lives on in the form of the Hornby Foundation, which continues to promote the development of innovative toys and educational products.

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2. Revolutionizing the Toy Industry

Frank Hornby was an incredible inventor who, despite having no formal engineering training, revolutionized the toy industry in the twentieth century. He was responsible for the invention and production of three of the most iconic lines of toys - Meccano, Hornby Model Railways and Dinky Toys - all of which were based on engineering principles. His creations have been enjoyed by generations of children and adults alike, and remain popular to this day.

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3. English Inventor and Businessman Who Founded Meccano Ltd

Frank Hornby was an English inventor and businessman who founded the British toy company Meccano Ltd in 1908. His vision was to create a toy that would inspire children to learn about mechanics and engineering. Meccano Ltd quickly became a success, and Hornby's toys were sold all over the world. His legacy lives on today, as Meccano Ltd continues to produce toys that encourage children to explore the world of engineering and mechanics.

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4. "Revolutionary Meccano Magazine: Hornby's Gift to Education"

In 1916, Frank Hornby launched a revolutionary monthly publication called Meccano Magazine. This magazine was the first of its kind, and it quickly became a popular source of entertainment and education for children and adults alike. It featured detailed instructions for building models and other projects using the Meccano construction system, as well as articles about science, engineering, and other topics. The magazine was a huge success, and it was published for over 70 years until it ceased publication in the late 1980s.

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5. Inventor and Millionaire

In the 1930s, Frank Hornby achieved great success with his inventions and initiatives, becoming a millionaire in the process. His inventions included the popular Meccano construction toy, which was first released in 1901, and the Hornby Model Railways, which were first released in 1920. Hornby's success was so great that he was even knighted in the same decade for his services to industry and education.

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6. From Business to Politics

In 1931, Frank Hornby made the transition from businessman to politician when he was elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament for the Everton constituency. His election marked the beginning of a long and successful political career, during which he served as a Member of Parliament for over two decades. During this time, he was a vocal advocate for the people of Everton, championing their causes and working to improve their quality of life.

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7. Legacy of Frank Hornby lives on

Frank Hornby's legacy lives on even after his death, with passionate fans from all corners of the globe still constructing Meccano models and collecting his toys. His creations have been cherished for generations, with many of his original designs still being used today. His influence on the toy industry is undeniable, and his impact on the lives of children and adults alike is immeasurable.

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8. 150 Years of Inspiration

On May 15th, 2013, the 150th anniversary of Frank Hornby's birth was celebrated in both Liverpool and Brighton. Hornby, a British inventor and businessman, was the creator of the popular Meccano construction toy, as well as the Hornby Model Railways. The celebration of his birth was marked with events in both cities, including a special exhibition of Hornby's inventions at the Museum of Liverpool. In Brighton, a plaque was unveiled in his honor at the Royal Pavilion. The events were attended by Hornby's family, as well as members of the public who wanted to pay tribute to the man who revolutionized the toy industry.

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9. Inventor of the Meccano construction set

In 1899, Frank Hornby, a British inventor, began creating toys for his sons out of sheet metal. He carefully cut the pieces himself, and then assembled them into the toys. His invention of the Meccano construction set in 1901 revolutionized the toy industry, and he went on to become one of the most successful toy makers of the 20th century.

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10. Frank Hornby's Meccano toy construction system

By the end of 1900, Frank Hornby had achieved a major milestone in his life: he had constructed a set of parts that he believed were of a high enough quality to be sold to the public. After months of hard work and dedication, Hornby had finally created a product that he was proud of and that he felt could be successful in the marketplace. This set of parts would eventually become the foundation of Hornby's famous Meccano toy construction system, which would go on to become one of the most popular toys of the 20th century.

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