Ten fun facts about Cadillac

Fact 1
The company is headquartered in Warren, Michigan in the United States and its predecessor is the Henry Ford Company.

Fact 2
Cadillac’s company crest, which is a coat of arms, was designed and created by the company’s founder Henry Leland, around the same time that he got married in 1687.

Fact 3
While it was earlier known to focus its efforts on mass production, over the years Cadillac has also established itself as one of America’s foremost luxury car makers.

Fact 4
Widely known as the second oldest American car maker after fellow American car maker General Motors, though there is some debate on which one of the two is older.

Fact 5
Cadillac sold about 150, 000 cars in the United States in 2012 and China has been identified as the car maker’s second largest global market.

Fact 6
The V8 engine which is the modern norm for the American car industry was one of the three engines advanced by Cadillac.

Fact 7
Cadillac cars from the 1970s like the 1972 Fleetwood and 1972 Calais focussed more on great dimensional aspects and elevated luxury.

Fact 8
The year 1973 saw a year of record car sales, the same experienced in the late 1970s too.

Fact 9
Cadillac’s design theme for the new century is ‘art and science’ as the company wanted to move away from the tried and tested retro revival, as incorporated in models like the XLR roadster.

Fact 10
The Cadillac Ranch is a popular tourist destination in Amarilli. Its main attraction is the art installation of mostly older Cadillac models, emphasizing on the evolution of the car line.

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Short about Cadillac
Is an American luxury car brand owned by General Motors and has its market in North America in addition to more than 37 other nations.