Ten fun facts about Lee De Forest

Fact 1
Since his father was the President of an African American school, Lee befriended black children in the town. That was frowned upon.

Fact 2
When he attended Yale University, he conducted an experiment causing a blackout on campus. He was suspended.

Fact 3
He was married four times, but his fourth wife remained with him until he passed away.

Fact 4
Though he did vote for Franklin Roosevelt, but later labeled him as the "first fascist President".

Fact 5
Not only did he receive the Edison Medal but he had an award named after him for engineers titled the "Lee De Forest Medal".

Fact 6
After his heart attack in 1958, he was mostly bedridden until his death in 1961.

Fact 7
When he was sued for fraud in 1913, he was forced to sell his vacuum-tube patent and his rights for wireless telegraphy.

Fact 8
Some historians say he was wrongly credited for the invention of the radio and that credit belonged to Edwin Armstrong, even though the court ruled in Forest's favor.

Fact 9
Forest filed over 15 patents from 1902 to 1914. All of them were issued.

Fact 10
His findings were held at a museum called Foothill College, but the museum closed after the college broke its contract.

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Short about Lee De Forest
An American inventor and the "Father of Radio".

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