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Ten fun facts about Iran

Fact 1
Iran has one of the oldest continuous civilizations in the world and some of its settlements date way back into the 4000 BC.

Fact 2
The Persian meaning of Iran is “Land of the Aryans”.

Fact 3
Almost half of Iran has a dry desert climate and receives no more than 4 inches of rain annually.

Fact 4
Karun is Iran’s only river and can be navigated by boat for short distances.

Fact 5
Iranian couples who want to get married have to attend an hour-long session on contraception.

Fact 6
In Iran, men who choose not to get married stay with their family all their life and are tagged as “na-mard” (not men).

Fact 7
The ancient “kanat” or “qanat” water supply system still supplies underground water via tunnels to people’s homes.

Fact 8
The Persian cat breed which is one of the oldest breeds in the world originated in the cold plateaus of Iran. It was 17th century Italian traders who took it to Europe.

Fact 9
Iran manufactured the largest handmade carpet in the world in 2007. It had been woven for a mosque situated in the United Arab Emirates and was as large as a soccer field.

Fact 10
Iran is world-renowned for its beautiful hand-woven carpets and have been doing so for over 2,500 years. Weavers in this country intentionally make a mistake while weaving rugs. This is specifically to indicate their belief that no one but God can be perfect.

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Is a country located in Western Asia.

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