Ten fun facts about Holly Hunter

Fact 1
Holly Hunter was born on March 20, 1958 in Conyers, Georgia and is the youngest of seven children.

Fact 2
She was encouraged by her parents to pursue her acting talent at an early age, and her first acting role was as Helen Keller in her fifth-grade play.

Fact 3
She is a talented pianist and has played all the piano music for her performance in The Piano (1993).

Fact 4
She is one of the 11 actors who have been nominated for the Supporting and Lead Acting Academy Award in the same year.

Fact 5
She had only one line in her first film, The Burning - "What happens if we don't find them?"

Fact 6
Holly Hunter made her Broadway debut in 1982 in the play "Crimes of the Heart."

Fact 7
She is deaf in the left ear, which occasionally leads to problems at work. Some scenes have to be changed from the script for her to use her right ear.

Fact 8
She featured in The Piano for which she got the BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role and also an Academy Award for Best Actress.

Fact 9
She has also been nominated for Oscars for her performance in the movies Broadcast News, The Firm and Thirteen.

Fact 10
She has won 2 Emmy Awards with 7 nominations and has received a Golden Globe Award with another 6 nominations and has earned 25 awards and 61 nominations in all.

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Short about Holly Hunter
Is an award winning American actress.

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