Ten fun facts about Helen Hunt

Fact 1
Helen attended UCLA for exactly 1 month. She probably realized what her true calling was and just gave it up.

Fact 2
She as well as Paul Reiser, her "Mad About You" co-star, were given $1,000,000 per episode for the 1999 TV season. This was actually an unheard of amount at that point of time.

Fact 3
The 1997 film “As Good as It Gets” is one of her most-acclaimed ones. She got the role after it had been turned-down by Holly Hunter.

Fact 4
She is only the 2nd actress to win an Oscar an Emmy and a Golden Globe in the same year. Liza Minnelli was the other actress to have achieved the same thing in 1973.

Fact 5
She played Kathleen Turner and Nicholas Cage’s daughter in the 1986 film, “Peggy Sue Got Married”. Hunt is only nine years younger than Kathleen and one year older than Cage.

Fact 6
Come hell or high-water, there is one thing that Helen will absolutely not miss- celebrating thanksgiving every year with Anthony Edwards.

Fact 7
In 1994, she as well as Hank Azaria, her ex-husband, have guest-starred in "Friends", the TV show, though in different episodes.

Fact 8
Mokena Lei, her daughter, was named after a close friend's dream. It means "many flowers of heaven”.

Fact 9
Helen asked Robert B. Parker, the novelist, to create a female private detective role for her. Parker's famous novels that featured Sunny Randall were the result of this request.

Fact 10
She acted in 4 movies that were released in 2000. Two of them, “Cast Away” and “What Women Want” were in theaters simultaneously at the end-of-the-year holiday season. They grossed more than $150 million each.

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