Facts on Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female winners

Cate Blanchett

Is an Australian film actress known for her focused acting efforts and her talent at picking the right movie roles.

10 facts about Cate Blanchett

Helen Hunt

Is an American actress, screenwriter and film director.

10 facts about Helen Hunt

Ziyi Zhang

Is a Chinese film actress and also a model.

10 facts about Ziyi Zhang

Patricia Arquette

Is an American actress and director.

10 facts about Patricia Arquette

Virginia Madsen

Is an American actress and a producer of documentary films.

10 facts about Virginia Madsen

Frances McDormand

Is a vrery talented American stage and film actress.

10 facts about Frances McDormand

Carrie-Anne Moss

Is a Canadian actress, born in British Columbia on 21 August 1967.

10 facts about Carrie-Anne Moss

Emily Mortimer

is an English actress.

10 facts about Emily Mortimer

10 facts about