Ten fun facts about Patricia Arquette

Fact 1
Arquette first starred in the 1987 film “Pregnant Teenager” and “Daddy” the television film.

Fact 2
Her first major film was “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors”.

Fact 3
She has been cast opposite her brother Alexis in the 1989 film “Last Exit to Brooklyn”, but had to drop out due to her pregnancy.

Fact 4
Patricia met Nicholas Cage in Los Angeles at Canter’s Deli – he proposed to her the very same day. They married in 1995 but separated within ten months.

Fact 5
Her mother died in 1997 of breast cancer. After her mother’s death, Patricia worked with various organizations to raise awareness about cancer. She was also a Lee National Denim Day spokesperson. Millions of dollars are raised by it for breast education and cancer research.

Fact 6
One of her most acclaimed roles was in “medium” super-natural drama series. She received 2, Emmy nominations and 3, Golden Globe ones for it.

Fact 7
Patricia was a very strong-headed woman. One of the producers of “Medium” asked her to lose a bit of weight for the show. She refused as she felt that her weight was ok for the mom-look that the show demanded.

Fact 8
Post the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Patricia and Rosetta Millington, her childhood friend formed a non-profit organization GiveLove. It supported composting and ecological sanitation, housing construction in and community development projects in Haiti.

Fact 9
In 2010 April 2010, Arquette teamed-up with the welding students at Robert Morgan Educational Center, and built shelters in the earthquake-ravaged Haiti, that were salvaged from twenty, used shipping-containers.

Fact 10
In the last week of May 2013, there were rumors that Patricia Arquette had died and fans across the globe almost went into mourning. However, it has now been confirmed that the report was nothing more than a hoax.

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