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Ten fun facts about Handball

Fact 1:
Handball is said to be a combination of football, basketball and water polo.

Fact 2:
There are two referees leading the game; goal line referee and court referee.

Fact 3:
Unlike other sports, handball players are not restricted with number of faults.

Fact 4:
There's also beach handball which is played on a smaller sand court and its popularity is increasing with more teams joining in.

Fact 5:
The size of the ball differs in men's and women's handball. For children, the ball is even smaller and usually softer to avoid injuries.

Fact 6:
The origins of the game are thought to date back to ancient Greece.

Fact 7:
Handball is the second largest sport in Europe.

Fact 8:
The goalkeeper is the only one allowed to be within the goal line. Players of opposing teams can't pass the line though the goalkeeper can move outside of it.

Fact 9:
In a common American version, a player is allowed to move only one step before he pass the ball to another player.

Fact 10:
A player canít hold the ball for longer than 3 seconds and canít move more than 3 steps holding it.

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Short about Handball

Is played with two teams, each consisting of 7 players, who aim at the goal of the opposing team.

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