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Ten fun facts about Bowling

Fact 1:
The first indoor bowling lanes were built in New York City in 1840.

Fact 2:
A bowling ball weights between 2,7 to 7,3 kilograms.

Fact 3:
Bowling balls were made out of wood until the early 1900s.

Fact 4:
The United States Bowling Congress has more than 2,5 million members.

Fact 5:
The largets bowling center is located in Japan and has 141 lanes.

Fact 6:
A bowling lane is 18,2 meters long from the foul line to the headpin.

Fact 7:
The Professional Bowlers Association was established in 1958.

Fact 8:
Bowling is the number one participation sport in America.

Fact 9:
The first 300 game in a televised PBA event was rolled by Jack Biondolillo in the Tournament of Champions.

Fact 10:
The origins of bowling can be traced about 4,000 years back to Rome and Greece.

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Short about Bowling

A game in which players attempt to score points by rolling a bowling ball into objects called pins.

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