Ten fun facts about Antibiotics

Fact 1
The first commercially available antibacterial was developed in 1932, but mold and plant extracts were used to treat infections by ancient Egyptians and Greeks over 2,000 years ago.

Fact 2
Penicillin wasn't actually discovered until 1928, but the ancient Egyptians had the practice of applying moldy bread to infected wounds for treatment.

Fact 3
The resistance of antibiotics has become one of the world's most pressing public health problems.

Fact 4
Penicillin was an important antibiotic back in 1941 when it became more popular, because it helped treat battle wounds for soldiers. It was named the 'miracle drug'.

Fact 5
While antibiotics have many advantages, they can have adverse effects in people ranging from nausea to diarrhea or even the over growth in pathogenic bacteria.

Fact 6
Sometimes referred to as super bugs, nearly half a million new cases of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis occur worldwide.

Fact 7
Though antibiotics are useful in many situations, overuse of antibiotics is one of the reasons that more antibiotic-resistant bacterias occur.

Fact 8
Antibiotics can help some ear infections, cuts or wounds and even tonsillitis, but are not helpful for the common cold or viruses.

Fact 9
As of 2009, only 2 new antibiotics were approved in the United States.

Fact 10
There are several different kinds of anti-microbials - the most common, anti-bacterials also known as antibiotics, antivirals, anti-fungals and anti-parasitic drugs.

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Short about Antibiotics
An agent that kills the life of a microorganism.

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