Ten fun facts about Albert Abraham Michelson

Fact 1
In 1907 he received the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Fact 2
He became the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in sciences.

Fact 3
President Ulysses S. Grant awarded Michelson a special appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1869.

Fact 4
Michelson was fascinated with the sciences, and the problem of measuring the speed of light in particular.

Fact 5
In 1889 Michelson became a professor at Clark University at Worcester, Massachusetts and in 1892 was appointed professor and the first head of the department of physics at the newly organized University of Chicago.

Fact 6
He also won the Copley Medal in 1907, the Henry Draper Medal in 1916 and the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1923.

Fact 7
A crater on the Moon is named after him.

Fact 8
Clark University named a theater after him.

Fact 9
Michelson Laboratory at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake in Ridgecrest, California is named for him.

Fact 10
The home in which Michelson lived as a child in Murphys Camp, California is now a tasting room for Twisted Oak Winery.

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Short about Albert Abraham Michelson
Albert Abraham Michelson was an American physicist known for his work on the measurement of the speed of light and especially for the Michelson–Morley experiment

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