Ten fun facts about Steve McQueen

Fact 1
Steve McQueen has four nicknames that he was known for answering to. They are Bandito, King Of Cool, Mac and McQ.

Fact 2
Prior to becoming a famous actor Steve McQueen was in the United States Marine Corps

Fact 3
In 1958 Steve McQueen appeared in his first lead role. This was in the film “The Blob”. After appearing in the film he received offers to appear in dozens of films.

Fact 4
One of Steve McQueen’s most memorable roles according to his fans is in the disaster film “The Towering Inferno”. Interesting enough he does not appear in the film until half way through it.

Fact 5
In the majority of films that Steve McQueen appeared in, he played a military character or a police officer. This was thought to be because of the way he carried himself and his rugged physique.

Fact 6
He won the Academy award for his role in the movie Sand Pebbles.

Fact 7
In 1955 over 2000 actors auditioned to be part of Lee Strasberg’s Actor’s Studio. Only two actors were selected to take part. They were Steve McQueen and Martin Landau.

Fact 8
Steve McQueen was friends with both Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate. He even visited their home in Hollywood where Sharon Tate would later be murdered by the followers of Charles Manson.

Fact 9
During the 1960’s Steve McQueen was the highest paid actor. Some of his most well known movies are ‘Papillon’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’, ‘The Getaway’ and ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’.

Fact 10
Steve McQueen died following surgery from a heart attack on November 7, 1980

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Short about Steve McQueen
Was one of the most dynamic American actors in Hollywood history, with thousands of women of all ages declaring their undying love for him.