Ten fun facts about Heath Ledger

Fact 1
Heath Ledger has a sister named Kate Ledger. They were both named after characters in the famous novel “Wuthering Heights”.

Fact 2
In 2001 Heath Ledger was ranked by People magazine as one of the “50 Most Beautiful People” in the world.

Fact 3
Heath Ledger was originally considered for the lead role in “Alexander”. However the part was given to Colin Farrell instead.

Fact 4
In the majority of films that Heath Ledger has appeared in he has requested that his wardrobe be created by his fashion friend that goes by the name Shem.

Fact 5
In 2005 Heath Ledger had three of his films appear in the Venice Film Festival. They were “Brokeback Mountain,” “The Brothers Grimm,” and “Casanova”.

Fact 6
Heath Ledger was the first actor in cinematic history who was not of American descent to portray the iconic role of the Joker in the Batman series.

Fact 7
Heath Ledger had his first acting role at age 10. He appeared in a production of “Peter Pan” hosted by a theater company in his area.

Fact 8
When Heath Ledger was a child he had a pet kangaroo as a pet. His mother found the abandoned animal on their property and they took it in and cared for it.

Fact 9
After having a daughter in 2006, Heath Ledger did not act for the whole year so he could be an active parent with his actress girlfriend at the time Michelle Williams.

Fact 10
On January 22, 2008 Heath Ledger was found dead in his apartment. It was determined that his death was the result of an accidental overdose of medication.

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Short about Heath Ledger
Was one of the most talented and promising actors in Hollywood up until his death in the year 2008.