Ten fun facts about Rosalind Franklin

Fact 1
She was born into a British-Jewish family, who later helped Jewish refugees escape the Nazis.

Fact 2
She received Second Class Honors in her finals at King's College, which was considered a bachelor's degree to employers.

Fact 3
Though overexposure to radiation may have been the cause of her illness, she died of ovarian cancer, bronchopneumonia and carcinomatosis.

Fact 4
Her experimental data with DNA helped Francis Crick and James Watson build the DNA model, though she was given little credit.

Fact 5
In 1997 an asteroid was named after her called 9241 Rosfranklin.

Fact 6
She received a lot of recognition after her death, including the Rosalind Franklin Laboratory and the Rosalind E. Franklin Award for Women in Science.

Fact 7
She was an active member of the trade union and the London County Council.

Fact 8
Though she was an advocate for the women's suffrage movement, her uncle embarrassed the family by attacking Winston Churchill with a whip.

Fact 9
After her surgery to remove two tumors, she still worked hard with her group in researching the polio virus.

Fact 10
Though she grew up in a Jewish family and her they practiced Judaism, she later became an agnostic.

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Short about Rosalind Franklin
A British biophysicist.