Ten fun facts about Rosalind Franklin

Ten fun facts about Rosalind Franklin

1. Jewish Family Helps Refugees during WWII

Rosalind Franklin was born into a British-Jewish family in 1920. Her family was deeply committed to helping those in need, and during World War II, they opened their home to Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi persecution. Rosalind's parents, Ellis and Muriel, provided a safe haven for those seeking refuge, and their selfless acts of kindness were a testament to their strong moral character. Rosalind was inspired by her parents' courage and compassion, and she went on to become a pioneering scientist and an important figure in the discovery of the structure of DNA.

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2. Brilliance in the Face of Struggle

Rosalind Franklin achieved a remarkable academic success when she graduated from King's College with Second Class Honors, which was the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in the eyes of employers. Her hard work and dedication to her studies paid off, and she was able to secure a job in the field of her choice. This accomplishment was a testament to her intelligence and determination, and it set the stage for her future successes.

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3. The Tragic Death of a Pioneering Scientist

The tragic death of Rosalind Franklin was caused by a combination of ovarian cancer, bronchopneumonia and carcinomatosis. It is believed that her illness was a result of overexposure to radiation, however, the exact cause of her death remains unknown. Franklin was a pioneering scientist who made significant contributions to the field of genetics, and her untimely death was a great loss to the scientific community.

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4. Forgotten Pioneer of DNA

Rosalind Franklin was a pioneering scientist whose experimental data with DNA was instrumental in helping Francis Crick and James Watson build the iconic double helix model of DNA. Despite her invaluable contribution, she was not given the recognition she deserved and was largely overlooked in the scientific community. Her work was essential in the discovery of the structure of DNA, yet she was not even mentioned in the Nobel Prize awarded to Crick and Watson.

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5. In honor of Rosalind Franklin, an asteroid is named after her

In 1997, the International Astronomical Union honored Rosalind Franklin by naming an asteroid after her - 9241 Rosfranklin. This asteroid is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and is approximately 5.5 kilometers in diameter. Rosalind Franklin was a pioneering scientist who made significant contributions to the understanding of DNA structure and function. Her work was instrumental in the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA, and her legacy continues to inspire generations of scientists.

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6. Rosalind Franklin's Legacy Continues to Inspire Women

The late Rosalind Franklin has been widely recognized for her contributions to science, even after her death. In her honor, the Rosalind Franklin Laboratory was established, as well as the Rosalind E. Franklin Award for Women in Science, which is awarded annually to recognize the achievements of female scientists. Her legacy continues to inspire and encourage women to pursue careers in science.

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7. A Passionate Advocate for Workers' Rights

Rosalind Franklin was a passionate advocate for workers' rights, and was an active member of both the trade union and the London County Council. She was a tireless campaigner for better working conditions and wages, and was a key figure in the fight for equal pay for women. Her work with the trade union and the London County Council helped to improve the lives of countless workers, and her legacy continues to inspire those who strive for social justice today.

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8. Fighting for Women's Rights Despite Family Disgrace

Rosalind Franklin was a passionate advocate for the women's suffrage movement, but her uncle's actions caused her family great embarrassment. He had attacked Winston Churchill with a whip, a shocking and unexpected act that was widely reported in the media. Despite this, Rosalind continued to fight for the rights of women, and her legacy lives on today.

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9. Polio Virus Breakthrough

Despite undergoing surgery to remove two tumors, Rosalind Franklin was determined to continue her work with her research group on the polio virus. She worked tirelessly, often putting in long hours in the lab, and her dedication paid off when her team made a breakthrough in understanding the virus's structure. Her contribution to the field of virology was invaluable, and her work continues to be celebrated today.

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10. Jewish girl becomes an agnostic

Growing up in a Jewish family, Rosalind Franklin was raised to practice Judaism. However, as she grew older, her beliefs evolved and she eventually became an agnostic, no longer subscribing to any particular religious faith. Despite this shift in her beliefs, she still held a deep respect for her Jewish heritage and the values she was raised with.

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