Ten fun facts about Nebraska

Ten fun facts about Nebraska

1. Kool-Aid: Nebraska's Most Beloved Drink

In 1927, Nebraska became the birthplace of one of the world's most beloved drinks, Kool-Aid. Edwin E. Perkins, a resident of the state, invented the powdered drink mix, which quickly became a hit with children and adults alike. Kool-Aid has since become a staple of American culture, with its iconic mascot, the Kool-Aid Man, appearing in commercials, movies, and television shows.

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2. Nebraskans Love Their Underground Water

Nebraska is home to an impressive amount of underground water reserves, more than any other place in the continental United States. This abundance of water is due to the state's unique geological features, which include a large number of aquifers and underground rivers. These reserves provide a valuable resource for the state, supplying drinking water to its residents and irrigation for its agricultural industry. The reserves also help to protect the state from droughts and other water-related issues.

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3. Hebron, Nebraska - Home to the World's Largest Porch Swing!

Hebron, Nebraska is home to an impressive feat of engineering - the world's largest porch swing! This impressive structure can seat up to 25 adults at once, making it the perfect spot for a large gathering. Constructed from sturdy wood and metal, the swing is a sight to behold and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Whether you're looking for a place to relax with friends or just want to take in the scenery, the world's largest porch swing in Hebron, Nebraska is the perfect spot.

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4. Nebraskans Celebrate Arbor Day with Festivities

In 1872, J. Sterling Morton founded the holiday known as Arbor Day in Nebraska. This holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world and is dedicated to the planting of trees. It was first celebrated in Nebraska on April 10th, 1872, when an estimated one million trees were planted. Since then, Arbor Day has become an important part of the state's culture and is celebrated annually with tree-planting ceremonies, educational programs, and other activities.

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5. Mystery Meat: Made in Fremont, Nebraska

Fremont, Nebraska is home to the production of the infamous "Mystery Meat" in a can, more commonly known as "Spam". This canned meat product has been around since 1937 and is still produced in Fremont today, making it a staple of the city's economy. It is estimated that over 8 billion cans of Spam have been produced in Fremont since its inception, making it one of the most popular canned meat products in the world.

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6. A Water Lover's Paradise

Boasting more miles of river than any other state in the US, Nebraska is a water-lover's paradise. With over 83,000 miles of rivers and streams, Nebraska offers a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and swimming. The state is also home to the Platte River, one of the longest rivers in the US, which runs through the state for over 1,000 miles. With its abundance of rivers, Nebraska is a great destination for those looking to explore the great outdoors.

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7. Boys Town: A Safe Haven for Troubled Children

In 1917, Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, a city located in the Midwestern United States. This organization was created to provide a safe and nurturing environment for at-risk youth, and has since become a national model for care and rehabilitation of troubled children. Boys Town has been recognized for its innovative approach to helping children and families in need, and has been featured in several films, books, and television shows. Today, Boys Town continues to serve the Omaha community and beyond, providing a safe haven for those in need.

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8. Lincoln, Nebraska Makes History with 911 Emergency Communication

In 1968, the city of Lincoln, Nebraska made history when it became the first place in the United States to introduce the revolutionary 911 emergency communication system. After a successful test period, the system was quickly adopted by other cities and states across the country, revolutionizing the way people could access emergency services. Today, 911 is an integral part of the American emergency response system, and it all started in Lincoln, Nebraska.

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9. Woolly Mammoth Fossil Found in Nebraska

In Lincoln County, Nebraska, a remarkable discovery was made - the largest fossil of a Woolly Mammoth ever found! This incredible fossil, estimated to be around 15,000 years old, was unearthed in the area and is now on display at the University of Nebraska State Museum. It is an incredible reminder of the ancient creatures that once roamed the area, and a testament to the rich history of Nebraska.

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10. Hastings, NE: WWII Hero Town

The small town of Hastings, Nebraska played a major role in the success of World War II, as it was home to the Naval Ammunition Depot, which manufactured nearly 40% of all the ammunition used during the war. This impressive feat was achieved by the hard work of the local citizens, who worked tirelessly to ensure that the Allied forces had the necessary supplies to fight and win the war.

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Short about Nebraska
Is a state located on the Great Plains in the central region of the United States.


Fast facts
Number of households
Per capita income
Life expectancy in number of years
March 1, 1867
Largest city
Number of billionaires
State dance
Square Dance
State beverage
State bird
Western meadowlark
State mammal
White-tailed deer
State fish
Channel catfish
State tree
Eastern Cottonwood
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