Ten fun facts about Exxon Mobil

Fact 1
Though the allegations were dismissed, in 2001 a suit was filed against Exxonmobil stating that they provided material for Indonesian military forces to commit crimes of murder, rape and torture.

Fact 2
ExxonMobil has taken eight of the ten slots of the 'Largest Corporate Quarterly Earnings of All Time' as of 2010.

Fact 3
The Exxon Valdez oil spill of 1989 killed over 250,000 animals including seabirds, sea otters, bald eagles and killer whales.

Fact 4
In 1999 when Exxon and Mobil Corporations merged, Mobil ended their enrollment in domestic partner benefits for same-sex partners of the employees.

Fact 5
In 2011, the corporation announced a major oil and gas discovery in the water of the Gulf of Mexico. This is one of the biggest discoveries in the last decade in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fact 6
They became the largest company on the planet in 1998 after Exxon and Mobil merged and signed a $73.7 billion agreement.

Fact 7
By 2007 the total recorded net income of ExxonMobil with a whopping $40.61 billion.

Fact 8
According to a 2001 federal survey, oil still remains under half of the beaches because of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and may take decades to disappear.

Fact 9
There was another ExxonMobil pipeline that ruptured in Mayflower, Arkansas that spilled at least 12,000 barrels of oil and 22 homes had to be evacuated.

Fact 10
Before the companies merged, Exxon and Mobil were corporations of the former Standard Oil Company.

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Short about Exxon Mobil
A multinational gas and oil corporation.