Ten fun facts about Kevin Garnett

Ten fun facts about Kevin Garnett

1. Kevin Garnett's Nicknames

Kevin Garnett, the former NBA star, is known by many nicknames, including KG, the Big Ticket, the Kid, and the Franchise. His nickname "the Big Ticket" was given to him by his high school coach due to his ability to draw a crowd to the games. His nickname "the Kid" was given to him by his former teammate, Sam Cassell, due to his youthful enthusiasm and energy. Lastly, his nickname "the Franchise" was given to him by his former coach, Flip Saunders, due to his ability to be the cornerstone of the team.

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2. Kevin Garnett was honored with the prestigious title of Mr. Basketball

In 1994 and 1995, Kevin Garnett was honored with the prestigious title of Mr. Basketball for both South Carolina and Illinois, respectively. This award is given to the most outstanding high school basketball player in each state, and Garnett's recognition of this honor is a testament to his immense talent and skill on the court.

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3. Kevin Garnett was an unstoppable force in high school basketball

Kevin Garnett was an unstoppable force in high school basketball, earning the prestigious title of USA Today's 1995 High School Player of the Year. His impressive performance on the court earned him recognition from the nation's leading newspaper, and he was the first player to receive the award since its inception in 1983. Garnett's success in high school was a precursor to his illustrious NBA career, where he was an All-Star 15 times and won an NBA Championship in 2008.

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4. The First High-School Player to Be Selected in the NBA

In 1995, Kevin Garnett made history when he became the first high-school player to be selected in the NBA draft. His selection sparked a trend that lasted for the next 12 years, with at least one high-school player being chosen in each draft until 2006, when the minimum-age requirement was changed to require U.S. players to be at least one year removed from high-school graduation. Garnett's selection revolutionized the NBA and paved the way for future high-school players to make the jump to the professional level.

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5. Kevin Garnett Becomes a Champion as a Member of the Boston Celtics

As a child, Kevin Garnett was a die-hard Los Angeles Lakers fan, so it was a surreal experience for him when he faced them in the 2008 NBA Finals as a member of the Boston Celtics. After a hard-fought series, the Celtics emerged victorious, giving Garnett his first and only NBA championship. It was a momentous occasion for Garnett, who had grown up dreaming of playing for the Lakers, but instead found himself on the opposite side of the court in the biggest game of his career.

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6. Kevin Garnett becomes first NBA star to be traded for seven players

Kevin Garnett made history when he became the first NBA star to ever be traded for seven players. This unprecedented move was a major shake-up in the NBA, as it had never been done before. The seven players that Garnett was traded for included Stephon Marbury, Wally Szczerbiak, Dwayne Jones, Justin Reed, Mark Blount, Michael Olowokandi, and Ricky Davis. This trade was a major turning point in Garnett's career, as it allowed him to join the Boston Celtics and eventually win an NBA championship in 2008.

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7. Kevin Garnett Makes Acting Debut in 'Rebound'

Kevin Garnett, the former NBA star, made his acting debut in the 1996 HBO movie Rebound: The Legend of Earl The Goat Manigault, where he portrayed the legendary basketball player Wilt Chamberlain. Garnett's performance was praised by critics, and the movie was nominated for two Emmy Awards. Garnett's portrayal of Chamberlain was so convincing that many viewers were convinced that Chamberlain himself had been resurrected to play the role.

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8. Kevin Garnett's Favorite Musicians

Kevin Garnett is an avid music fan, with a wide range of musical tastes. From the soulful sounds of Anita Baker to the hard-hitting rap of DMX, Garnett loves it all. He's particularly fond of hip hop and rap, citing Jay-Z, Biggie, and Nas as some of his favorite artists. His passion for music is evident in his enthusiasm for the genre, and he's often seen at concerts and music festivals.

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9. Kevin Garnett honors the memory of two of his friends with empty seats

At team introductions, Kevin Garnett honors the memory of two of his closest friends, Malik Sealy and Eldrick Leamon, by leaving two empty seats. Garnett and Sealy were teammates on the Minnesota Timberwolves for four seasons, and Leamon was a close friend of Garnett's since high school. Garnett's gesture is a touching reminder of the lasting impact that these two men had on his life.

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10. 2002 Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Kevin Garnett achieved a remarkable feat in 2002 when he won gold for the U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball Team in Sydney. Representing his country, Garnett was part of a star-studded roster that included the likes of Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, and Jason Kidd. His performance in the tournament was instrumental in helping the U.S. team to a perfect 8-0 record and the gold medal.

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