Ten fun facts about Charlize Theron

Fact 1
Charlize Theron was born and raised on a farm in South Africa. She is a mixture of French and German heritage.

Fact 2
When Charlize was 15 years old, her mother shot and killed her father in an act of self-defense. Her mother was never charged with any crime related to her father’s death. She does not try to hide this truth, but prefers not to speak of it.

Fact 3
As a child Charlie took classed in ballet dancers and attempted to pursue a career in ballet but an injury stopped this from being possible.

Fact 4
She was once a cigarette smoker, but quit the habit with the help of hypnotherapy. She is very proud of quitting this habit.

Fact 5
Charlize Theron owns and rides a Harley Davidson and has a tattoo of a flower on her right foot.

Fact 6
This film star got her big break in Hollywood when she was discovered while yelling at a bank teller.

Fact 7
She played the role of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in the highly acclaimed 2003 movie “Monster”. Her spectacular performance won here several awards for Best Actress including the Academy Award, the Golden Globe award, the Silver Bear award.

Fact 8
Charlize also received several Golden Globe and Academy Award nominations for her role in the 2011 movie “Young Adult”.

Fact 9
As a young lady she once made her living working as a model for a short period of time. She did not enjoy modeling and stopped to try and pursue her ballet career.

Fact 10
Charlize admits that she learned to speak English by watching soap operas on television.

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Short about Charlize Theron
Is a South African born model and award winning actress.