Ten fun facts about Charles Stewart Parnell

Fact 1
He was one of the most important figures in 19th century Great Britain and Ireland.

Fact 2
He was described by Prime Minister William Gladstone as the most remarkable person he had ever met.

Fact 3
Parnell led the Irish Parliamentary Party as Member of Parliament (MP) through the period of Parliamentary nationalism in Ireland between 1875 and his death in 1891.

Fact 4
Future Liberal Prime Minister H. H. Asquith described him as one of the three or four greatest men of the 19th century, while Lord Haldane described him as the strongest man the House of Commons had seen in 150 years.

Fact 5
Parnell's personal political views remained an enigma.

Fact 6
Charles Stewart Parnell possessed the remarkable attribute of charisma, was an enigmatic personality, politically gifted and is regarded as one of the most extraordinary figures in Irish and British politics.

Fact 7
Over a century after his death he is still surrounded by public interest.

Fact 8
In Knut Hamsun's 1892 novel Mysteries, the characters, on a couple of occasions, briefly discuss Charles Stewart Parnell, particularly in relation to Gladstone.

Fact 9
Parnell is toasted in the famous 1938 poem of William Butler Yeats, "Come Gather Round Me, Parnellites", while he is also referred to in "To a Shade", where he performs the famous "C.S.Parnell Style", and in Yeats' two-line poem "Parnell".

Fact 10
In 1991, Trevor Eve played Parnell in the television mini-series "Parnell and the Englishwoman."

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Short about Charles Stewart Parnell
was an Irish landlord, nationalist political leader, land reform agitator, and the founder and leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party