Ten fun facts about Roy Keane

Ten fun facts about Roy Keane

1. Legendary Manchester United captain

Roy Keane had an illustrious 18-year playing career, starting out at Cobh Ramblers in Ireland before moving to Nottingham Forest in 1990. He then joined Manchester United in 1993, where he went on to become one of the most successful captains in the club's history, winning seven Premier League titles, four FA Cups, and the Champions League in 1999. After 12 years at Old Trafford, Keane moved to Celtic in 2005, where he spent two seasons before retiring in 2006.

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2. Legendary central midfielder

Roy Keane was a formidable central-midfielder, renowned for his aggressive and highly competitive style of play. He was a powerful presence in the midfield, renowned for his ability to dominate the game and dictate the tempo of play. His tenacity and determination to win were legendary, and his ability to read the game and make decisive tackles was second to none. He was a leader on the pitch, inspiring his teammates with his never-say-die attitude and his commitment to the cause.

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3. 12 Years of Man Utd Success

Roy Keane was a driving force behind Manchester United's success for over 12 years, helping the club to win numerous trophies. After leaving United, Keane signed for Celtic, but his time there was short-lived, as he retired from playing less than a year later. During his time at Manchester United, Keane was a key figure in the team, captaining the side and inspiring his teammates to achieve great success.

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4. International Football Legend

Roy Keane was a formidable presence on the international stage, representing the Republic of Ireland for 14 years and captaining the team for the majority of that time. His leadership and skill on the pitch earned him the respect of teammates and opponents alike, and he was a key figure in the Irish team's successes during his tenure. Keane's international career saw him make a total of 146 appearances for the Republic of Ireland, scoring a total of nine goals.

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5. Roy Keane's Involvement in the 1994 FIFA World Cup Was Cut Short

Roy Keane was a key player for the Republic of Ireland at the 1994 FIFA World Cup, appearing in every game. However, his involvement in the 2002 World Cup was cut short after a heated altercation with national coach Mick McCarthy, resulting in his expulsion from the tournament. Keane's presence was sorely missed by the Irish team, who were eliminated in the group stage.

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6. Former Footballer, Manager, and Legend

After retiring from a successful career as a player, Roy Keane was appointed manager of Sunderland in 2006. His impact was immediate, as he took the club from 23rd position in the Football League Championship to the top of the division in just a few months. His leadership and tactical acumen saw Sunderland win the division title and gain promotion to the Premier League, a remarkable achievement for a newly appointed manager.

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7. Legendary Manchester United Captain

Roy Keane is a legendary figure in the history of Manchester United, having served as the club's captain for eight years and leading them to an unprecedented nine honors. During his time as captain, Keane was an inspirational leader, driving his team to success and cementing his place as the most successful captain in Manchester United's history.

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8. Manchester United Legend Roy Keane Passes Away at Age of 47

Roy Keane was a passionate, highly competitive, and sometimes outspoken player who left an indelible mark on Manchester United's history. His controversial nature often made headlines, but his immense talent and commitment to the team could not be denied. Keane was a key figure in United's success, and will always be remembered as one of the club's greatest ever players.

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9. Nine-Year-Old Roy Keane Wins Four Boxing Matches

At the tender age of nine, Roy Keane began his boxing career, training diligently and eventually winning all four of his bouts in the novice league. His dedication to the sport was evident, and his hard work paid off as he emerged victorious in each match. Keane's passion for boxing was clear, and his success in the novice league was a testament to his commitment and skill.

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10. Manchester United Captain Roy Keane's Labrador Retriever Triggs Dies

Roy Keane, the former Manchester United captain, had a beloved Labrador Retriever named Triggs. Triggs was a celebrity in his own right, having been described as "football's biggest canine celebrity". Sadly, Triggs passed away in 2010, leaving Keane with a hole in his heart.

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