Ten fun facts about Fabio Capello

Ten fun facts about Fabio Capello

1. Pier Filippo Capello Secures Prestigious Managerial Roles

Fabio Capello, the renowned Italian football manager, has a son, Pier Filippo, who acts as his agent. Pier Filippo has been instrumental in helping his father secure some of the most prestigious managerial roles in the world of football, including the England national team and Real Madrid. He has also been involved in the negotiation of some of the most lucrative contracts in the sport, ensuring that his father's career is well-rewarded.

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2. Legendary Italian footballer

Fabio Capello is a legendary Italian footballer who had a distinguished career as a player, representing four of Italy's most prestigious clubs. He began his career with SPAL 1907, before moving to Roma, where he won the Scudetto in 1983. He then joined AC Milan, where he won two Serie A titles and two European Cups. Finally, he moved to Juventus, where he won another Serie A title and the UEFA Cup.

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3. A Highly Successful Midfielder

Fabio Capello was a highly successful midfielder who enjoyed a career spanning over 15 years. During this time, he won numerous trophies, including the Serie A title with AC Milan, the Coppa Italia with Roma, and the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup with Juventus. He also won the UEFA Super Cup with Milan and the Intercontinental Cup with Juventus. His impressive career saw him become one of the most decorated players in Italian football history.

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4. Juventus Success Story

Fabio Capello is a legendary Italian football manager who achieved great success with Juventus, winning three Serie A titles in 1972, 1973 and 1975. His impressive managerial career with the club saw him lead them to a total of nine trophies, including two Coppa Italia titles and one UEFA Cup. His success with Juventus earned him the nickname 'Il Re di Torino' (The King of Turin).

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5. Fabio Capello, father of footballers, becomes manager

Fabio Capello comes from a family of footballers; his father, a schoolteacher, was a talented player, while his uncle Mario Tortul was a professional footballer who represented Triestina, Padova, Sampdoria and the Italian national team during the 1960s. Mario's career was particularly impressive, as he was part of the Italian squad that won the 1968 European Championship. This footballing heritage has clearly had an influence on Fabio, who has gone on to become one of the most successful managers in the history of the game.

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6. Italy's most successful coach

During his illustrious career, Fabio Capello represented Italy 32 times, scoring an impressive 8 goals. His impressive performances for the Azzurri earned him the admiration of fans and players alike, and he is still remembered fondly by many in Italy today.

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7. League Title Winner at Every Club

Fabio Capello is an incredibly successful manager, having achieved the remarkable feat of winning the domestic league title with every club he has coached. This impressive record includes titles with AC Milan, Roma, Juventus, Real Madrid, and England. His success has been attributed to his tactical acumen and ability to motivate players, making him one of the most sought-after managers in the world.

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8. Fabio Capello's Faith is an Inspiration to All

Fabio Capello is a deeply religious man, and his faith is an integral part of his life. He is a devout Catholic who takes time out of his day to pray twice - once in the morning and once in the evening. His faith is a source of strength and guidance, and he credits it with helping him to stay focused and motivated throughout his career.

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9. Fabio Capello's Art Collection is Worth £10 Million

Fabio Capello is an avid art collector, with an impressive collection estimated to be worth £10 million. His passion for fine art has been evident for many years, and his collection includes a variety of pieces from renowned artists. From classic oil paintings to modern sculptures, Capello's collection is a testament to his appreciation of the arts.

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10. Fan of Kandinsky

Fabio Capello, the renowned Italian football manager, is said to be a big fan of the Russian abstract artist Wassily Kandinsky. His admiration for Kandinsky's work is well-known, and he has often spoken of his appreciation for the artist's use of color and form to create powerful and emotive pieces. Capello has even gone so far as to say that Kandinsky's work has been a major influence on his own approach to football management.

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