Facts on Jewish American actresses

Natalie Portman

Is an American actress known for her work as a child-actor and also as a talented performer in challenging roles.

10 facts about Natalie Portman

Elizabeth Taylor

Was a world-renowned British-American actress who made the headlines everywhere she went

10 facts about Elizabeth Taylor

Helen Hunt

Is an American actress, screenwriter and film director.

10 facts about Helen Hunt

Jennifer Connelly

is an American film actress.

10 facts about Jennifer Connelly

Bette Midler

Is a very popular American actress, singer, songwriter, comedian, entrepreneur and film producer.

10 facts about Bette Midler

Scarlett Johansson

Is an American actress, singer and model.

10 facts about Scarlett Johansson

Patricia Arquette

Is an American actress and director.

10 facts about Patricia Arquette

Barbra Streisand

Is an American actress, singer-songwriter, film director and producer.

10 facts about Barbra Streisand

Winona Ryder

Is an American actress who was born Winona Laura Horowitz on 29 October 1971.

10 facts about Winona Ryder

Debra Winger

Is an American actress, born on 16 May 1955.

10 facts about Debra Winger

Rachel Weisz

Is a film and theatre actress and former fashion model from England who was born on 7 March 1970.

10 facts about Rachel Weisz

Goldie Hawn

is an American actress, film director, producer, and occasional singer

10 facts about Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson

is an American actress

10 facts about Kate Hudson

Gina Gershon

Is an American film, TV show and stage actress, singer and author.

10 facts about Gina Gershon

Evan Rachel Wood

Is an American actress and singer.

10 facts about Evan Rachel Wood

Marlee Matlin

Is an award winning American actress.

10 facts about Marlee Matlin

Sarah Jessica Parker

Is an actress who is best known for her character role in the hit series “Sex in the City”.

10 facts about Sarah Jessica Parker

Hedy Lamarr

An Austrian actress and inventor.

10 facts about Hedy Lamarr