Ten fun facts about Adventure

Fact 1
Crowther was an experienced caver, who applied his experience in Mammoth Cave (in Kentucky) to create a game that he could enjoy with his young daughters.

Fact 2
Crowther had explored the Mammoth Cave in the early 1970s, and created a vector map based on surveys of parts of the real cave, but the text game is a completely separate entity, created during the 1975-76 academic year and featuring fantasy elements such as an axe-throwing dwarf and a magic bridge.

Fact 3
The version that is best known today was the result of a collaboration with Don Woods, a graduate student who discovered the game on a computer at Stanford University and made significant expansions and improvements, with Crowther's blessing. A big fan of Tolkien, he introduced additional fantasy elements, such as elves and a troll.

Fact 4
Many versions of Colossal Cave have been released, generally titled simply Adventure, or adding a tag of some sort to the original name.

Fact 5
Crowther/Woods Adventure, the first with a point scoring system, is also synonymous with Adventure 350.

Fact 6
“Xyzzy” is a magic word that teleports the player between two locations (“inside building” and the “debris room”).

Fact 7
One of the treasures the player needs to collect are golden eggs that can be found in the Giant room.

Fact 8
Graham Nelson's Inform Designer's Manual presents "Advent" as the pioneer of the three-part structure typical of 1980s adventure games.

Fact 9
The game is mentioned several times (as "Adventure") in Tracy Kidder's non-fiction book The Soul of a New Machine, first as a game played by an engineer working on the Eagle project, and eventually as a final test for the newly created computer.

Fact 10
In Terry Pratchett's Witches Abroad, the witches are said to be flying along "a maze of twisty little canyons, all alike."

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Short about Adventure
Adventure gave its name to the computer adventure game genre, and originally designed by Will Crowther