Ten fun facts about Pitfall!

Ten fun facts about Pitfall!

1. Pitfall! is the second best-selling game for the Atari 2600

Pitfall! is an iconic game for the Atari 2600, and it's the second best-selling game for the system, just behind the classic Pac-Man. Developed by Activision and released in 1982, Pitfall! was an instant hit, selling over 4 million copies and becoming one of the most popular games of the era. It was the first side-scrolling platformer game, and it set the standard for the genre for years to come.

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2. Pitfall! - The Game That Broke the 20 Minute Barrier

Pitfall! was an incredibly long game for its time, clocking in at a whopping 20 minutes - a feat that no other Atari game had achieved. This made it a revolutionary title in the gaming industry, as it was the first game to break the 20 minute barrier. It was also one of the most popular Atari games of its time, and is still remembered fondly by many gamers today.

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3. Pitfall! Returns to Mobile Devices

In 2012, the classic video game Pitfall! was released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, allowing players to relive the classic adventure on their mobile devices. The game features the same jungle setting and obstacles as the original, but with updated graphics and sound effects. Players can also compete against their friends for the highest score, and the game includes a variety of achievements to unlock.

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4. Pitfall! Still a Classic

In 1982, the classic video game "Pitfall!" was highly praised by Arcade Express, who gave it an impressive 8 out of 10 score and declared it "the best adventure game for the VCS". This timeless classic has been enjoyed by generations of gamers since its release, and continues to be a favorite among retro gaming enthusiasts.

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5. Pitfall! 3D: The Classic Video Game Returns

The classic video game Pitfall! spawned several sequels, the most notable of which being 1998's Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle. This installment featured the iconic voice of Bruce Campbell, best known for his roles in the Evil Dead and Spider-Man franchises. The game was a 3D platformer that followed the original's lead, tasking players with navigating a jungle environment while avoiding obstacles and collecting treasures.

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6. Pitfall! - A Revolutionary Game for Its Time

"Pitfall!" was a revolutionary game for its time, combining the features of a side-scrolling platform genre with multiple levels of play, even though the game itself did not scroll. Players had to navigate their way through a jungle-themed environment, avoiding obstacles such as crocodiles, scorpions, and tar pits, while collecting treasures and avoiding the titular pitfalls. The game was a huge success, selling over 4 million copies and becoming one of the most popular video games of the 1980s.

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7. The Short History of "Pitfall!"

The classic video game "Pitfall!" was created by programmer David Crane in a surprisingly short amount of time. Despite the game's complexity, Crane was able to draw out the game in just ten minutes. However, the programming of the game took a much longer amount of time, with Crane spending a total of 1,000 hours to get the game up and running.

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8. How to get a coveted Pitfall Harry Explorer Club patch (1982)

When "Pitfall!" was released in 1982, players who achieved a score of 20,000 points or higher were rewarded with a special Pitfall Harry Explorer Club patch. To receive the patch, players had to send a picture of their score to Activision, the game's publisher. The patch was a coveted item among players of the game, and was a great incentive to keep playing and improving their score.

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9. Pitfall! A Classic Video Game That's Still Challenging

In the classic video game "Pitfall!", players must collect 8 of each money bag, silver bar, gold bar and diamond ring in order to complete the game. If the time runs out or all lives are lost, the game is over and the player must start again. With its challenging levels and unique objectives, "Pitfall!" has been a favorite of gamers since its release in 1982.

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10. Pitfall! - The Video Game That Made an Industry

When it was released in 1982, the video game "Pitfall!" was an instant hit, selling an impressive 4 million copies. This was an incredible feat for the time, as the gaming industry was still in its infancy. The game's success was due to its innovative gameplay, which featured a character navigating a maze of obstacles and enemies. It was one of the first games to feature a scrolling screen, and its popularity helped to establish the platformer genre.

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