Ten fun facts about Atlantis

Fact 1
AAtlantis is a variation on the shooting game genre popular in the early 1980s.

Fact 2
The player controls the last defenses of the City of Atlantis against the Gorgon invaders. The city has seven bases, which are vulnerable to attack.

Fact 3
Three of the bases have firepower capabilities to destroy the Gorgon ships before they manage to drop bombs on one of the settlements.

Fact 4
The Intellivision version features two gun turrets with a movable cursor that can be aimed onto enemy ships.

Fact 5
The game features day, dusk, and night settings, with the night setting limiting visibility to two moving searchlights.

Fact 6
Imagic created Destination Atlantis, a high score competition in which players were invited to send in pictures of their high score screens. Those with the highest scores were rewarded with a copy of Atlantis II.

Fact 7
Atlantis II was a competition cart for the top ten Defend Atlantis contestants. There were originally only supposed to be four people in this competition, but because Imagic needed the top ten players who scored above five million points to be only four players, they came up with this tie breaker cartridge to weed out the weaker players.

Fact 8
The top four players were flown to Bermuda with a guest to compete in a contest to win a chest of gold worth $10,000, despite the "great video game crash of 1983", which some thought might cause its cancellation.

Fact 9
Atlantis II's value has been rated at $6,000.00 by a few websites, but has sold for as much as $18,000.00 and may well be worth more because there are only ten of them in existence.

Fact 10
The most obvious comparison to this game is with Colony 7, a combination of Space Invaders and Missile Command, which also features the defense of a number of bases, only some armed, against an irresistible invading force. The principal differences lie in the controls.

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Short about Atlantis
is a fixed shooter video game produced by Imagic in July 1982, for the Atari 2600 video game console