Ten fun facts about Ray Liotta

Fact 1
His full birth name is Raymond Allen Liotta. He shortened his name to Ray when he began acting.

Fact 2
Ray Liotta was adopted when he was six months old. He has never sought out his birth parents.

Fact 3
While attending college he worked at a local cemetery doing several different jobs.

Fact 4
In 1997, the British rock band known as “Linoleum” released a song on their album titled “Ray Liotta.”

Fact 5
For his part as Henry Oak in the 2002 film “Narc”, he gained a total of 20 pounds and also wore small lifts under his clothing to make himself appear larger in size.

Fact 6
He is a staunch supporter of the English Premiership football team “Tottenham Hotspur” and goes out of his way to show his support. He also attends every one of their matches that he can make it to.

Fact 7
In 1989 he turned down the part of Harvey Dent in “Batman” to take a role in the 1990 box office hit “Goodfellas.” Till today fans consider that his most memorable role to date.

Fact 8
He has also portrayed all time great singer Frank Sinatra in the 1988 TV move “The Rat Pack”.

Fact 9
He was originally asked to portray Dignam in the 2006 film “The Departed.” He had to turn down the role because he had other commitments.

Fact 10
After appearing in the 1995 film “Operation Dumbo Drop” he publicly stated that he only took on the role for the paycheck.

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Short about Ray Liotta
Is a popular American born character actor.

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