Ten fun facts about Mary Anning

Fact 1
Although she was one of ten children, she and one other sibling are the only ones who survived to become adults.

Fact 2
The ever popular tongue twister "She sells seashells by the sea shore" is based on Mary.

Fact 3
Because of her involvement in the geological community, the Geological Society raised money for her expenses when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1846.

Fact 4
When she was 12, she and her brother had discovered a icthoyosaur skeleton.

Fact 5
She had avoiding being crushed by a landslide in 1833. Most of the fossils were found on cliffs, so the dangers of her searches were high.

Fact 6
At just 15 months old, she was being held by a neighbor who was struck by lightning.

Fact 7
After she opened an in-home store in 1826, she sold many fossils including to King Frederick Augustus II of Saxony.

Fact 8
Since women were not allowed to become members or meetings, she did not become apart of the Geological Society of London.

Fact 9
Anning was extremely active in her church after switching from a Congregational church to an Anglican church.

Fact 10
Charles Dickens wrote an article about her life in 1865 in his magazine titled "All the Year Round".

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Short about Mary Anning
A British fossil collector and paleontologist.

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