Ten fun facts about Connecticut

Ten fun facts about Connecticut

1. The "Constitution State"

Connecticut is known as the "Constitution State" due to its role in the development of the United States Constitution. It is also home to the official state flower, the Mountain Laurel, and the official state tree, the White Oak. The Mountain Laurel is a flowering shrub that blooms in the spring and summer months, while the White Oak is a deciduous tree that can reach heights of up to 100 feet. Both of these plants are native to Connecticut and can be found throughout the state.

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2. A State of History and Culture

Connecticut is a state located in the northeastern United States, and its capital is Hartford. Hartford is the third-oldest state capital in the United States, and is home to many historic sites, including the Old State House, the Wadsworth Atheneum, and the Mark Twain House. The city is also home to the University of Connecticut, the oldest public university in the state. Hartford is a vibrant city with a diverse population, and is known for its cultural attractions, including the Bushnell Park Carousel, the Connecticut Science Center, and the Connecticut Convention Center.

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3. A State with a Unique Name

Connecticut is a state with a unique name that has its roots in Native American culture. The name, Quinnehtukqut, is translated as “beside the long tidal river” and is derived from the Algonquian language. This name is a fitting description of the state, as it is bordered by the Long Island Sound and the Connecticut River.

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4. In Connecticut, It Is Illegal To Dispose Of Used Razor Blades

In Connecticut, it is illegal to dispose of used razor blades - a strange law that is not enforced in any way. This law is still on the books, however, and serves as a reminder of the state's commitment to protecting its citizens from potential harm. Razor blades can be dangerous if not disposed of properly, and this law is a reminder of the importance of taking the necessary precautions when disposing of sharp objects.

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5. Connecticut's First Phonebook

In 1878, the first phonebook was published in New Haven, Connecticut, containing a mere 50 names. This was a remarkable feat for the time, as the telephone had only been invented a few years prior in 1876. The phonebook was a revolutionary way to connect people, and it was the first of its kind in the state of Connecticut.

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6. Connecticut Woman Receives First U.S. Patent

In 1809, Mary Kies of Connecticut made history by becoming the first woman to ever receive a U.S. patent. Her patent was for a “method of weaving straw with silk”, a revolutionary technique that would go on to revolutionize the hat-making industry. Mary Kies' invention was a major milestone in the history of women's rights, and her legacy continues to inspire women to this day.

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7. Connecticut's Pickle Law

In Connecticut, there is an unusual law that governs what can be considered a pickle. According to the law, a pickle must be able to bounce in order to be officially classified as a pickle. This means that if a cucumber can't bounce, it can't be called a pickle in the state of Connecticut. This law has been in place for many years, and is still enforced today.

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8. Connecticut's License Plates from 1937

In 1937, Connecticut made history by becoming the first state to issue license plates for vehicles. This groundbreaking move revolutionized the way vehicles were registered and identified, and has since become a standard practice in all 50 states. The license plates issued in Connecticut in 1937 were made of steel and featured the state's name and a unique number.

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9. Connecticut Declares Praying Mantis its State Insect

Connecticut has officially declared the Praying Mantis as its state insect. This fascinating creature is known for its distinctive appearance, with its long, slender body and large eyes. It is also known for its predatory behavior, using its front legs to capture and hold its prey. The Praying Mantis is a symbol of Connecticut's natural beauty and its commitment to protecting its environment.

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10. PEZ candy made in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to the iconic PEZ candy, which has been delighting children since its launch. The candy, which comes in a variety of shapes and flavors, is manufactured in the state and has become a wildly popular treat for kids of all ages. PEZ has become a staple of childhood, and Connecticut is proud to be the birthplace of this beloved candy.

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Short about Connecticut
Is a state located at the southernmost tip of the United States.


Fast facts
Number of households
Per capita income
Life expectancy in number of years
January 9, 1788
Largest city
Number of billionaires
State dance
Square Dance
State bird
American robin
State mammal
Sperm whale
State fish
American shad
State tree
White Oak
State flower
Mountain laurel