Ten fun facts about Lemons

Fact 1
Since lemon trees produce the fruit all year long, they can hold anywhere from 500-600 pounds of lemons a year.

Fact 2
Not only used for consumption and cleaning, scientists attached electrodes to a lemon using it as a battery. Several lemon batteries can power a small, digital watch.

Fact 3
James Lind held experiments using lemon juice, adding it to a seaman's diet who suffered from scurvy back in 1747. The British Navy still requires ships to carry lemons today.

Fact 4
Ancient Egyptians believed that drinking the juice and eating a lemon protected you against a number of poisons.

Fact 5
Combining lemon juice with baking soda is said to help whiten your teeth.

Fact 6
Lemons are known to be extremely sour, which is a result of their high citric acid content of about 5-6%.

Fact 7
Studies of the genetic origins of a lemon say it is a cross between a sour orange and a citron.

Fact 8
China leads in world production of lemons, producing over 2 million tons, as of 2011.

Fact 9
While the seeds are used for planting, the entire lemon can be used. The rinds for marmalade, the juice for drink and the leaves for tea.

Fact 10
The origins of lemons are mostly unknown, but the first lemon was recorded in 10th century Arabic treatise literature.

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Short about Lemons
A small evergreen tree native to Asia.

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