Ten fun facts about Grapes

Fact 1
Grapes always grow in clusters of 15 to 300 and can be black, dark blue, yellow, orange, green, crimson and even pink.

Fact 2
Grapes have proven to have health benefits, but in ancient times, China mixed wine with frogs, snakes and other animals as cures for illnesses.

Fact 3
While the main two types of grapes are European and American, there are over 60 species and 8,000 varieties of grapes all over the world.

Fact 4
To make one bottle of wine, it takes approximately 600 grapes. One acre of grapes can produce around 15,000 glasses of wine.

Fact 5
Raisins are made from dried grapes that have black skins. Sultanas are dried from small, seedless green grapes.

Fact 6
Since grapes can increase the level of nitric acid in the blood, preventing blood clots, they are said to help minimize the risk of heart attacks.

Fact 7
At least 30,000 square miles are dedicated for grape production, worldwide. 71% of the grapes are used in wine, 27% for fresh fruit and 2& for dried fruit.

Fact 8
Though grapes were only introduced to American 300 years ago by Spanish explorers, they are known to have been cultivated as far back as the biblical times.

Fact 9
A Spanish tradition on New Year's Eve is when the 12 strokes of midnight are marked by eating 12 grapes. It is said to bring good luck.

Fact 10
Grapes are mostly made up of water, about 80%, so they are a good, low calorie snack.

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Short about Grapes
A fruiting berry from the deciduous woody vines.

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