Ten fun facts about GMC

Fact 1
The company manufactures heavy duty vehicles that are marketed by GM in North America and also the Middle East.

Fact 2
As of Jan 2007, GMC sells more vehicles than Pontiac and is second overall in the North American car market, just behind the Chevrolet cars.

Fact 3
GMC came into inception when the Rapid Motor Vehicle Company and the Reliance Motor Car Company was bought by General Motors in 1909; the two bought companies became one and were branded as the ‘GMC Truck’ first in 1912.

Fact 4
6000, 000 GMC Trucks were manufactured during the time of the Second World War, specifically to be utilized by the US Armed Forces.

Fact 5
‘GMC: The First 100 Years’ is a popular book released by GMC itself that chronicles the interesting history of the car brand.

Fact 6
Though production has been discontinued now GMC used to manufacture ambulances, motor homes, fire trucks and other such heavy duty vehicles.

Fact 7
GMC and Chevrolet are known to be almost duplicate in appearance albeit for the nameplates and as well as the grilles, but there are notable differences between the two.

Fact 8
The company is headquartered in Detroit, in the state of Michigan and it is one of the more recognizable American heavy duty vehicle brands.

Fact 9
Though GMC is the sub-divisional name for the purpose of trucks and coaches branding within the overall parent company, the latter came to be known as ‘GM’.

Fact 10
GMC is retailed in Canada at mostly greater volumes than the alternate Chevrolet trucks at Buick-GMC partnered dealerships.

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Short about GMC
Is a division of General Motors Company, known to specialize in the manufacture of military automobiles, SUVs, vans and trucks.

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