Ten fun facts about Scion

Ten fun facts about Scion

1. Affordable and Stylish

Established in 2002, Scion was created with the Gen Y in mind, aiming to provide an economical option for those looking to purchase a car. With its focus on affordability and style, the brand has become a popular choice for young adults, offering a range of vehicles that are both stylish and practical.

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2. A Reliable, Affordable Car

In 2003, the first Scion car models, the xA hatchback and the xB wagon, were released in California, with the company's headquarters located in the city of Torrance. This marked the beginning of the Scion brand, which has since become a popular choice for drivers looking for a reliable, affordable car. The Scion models have been praised for their stylish designs, fuel efficiency, and low maintenance costs, making them a great option for those looking for a reliable car without breaking the bank.

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3. The Car That Made a Name for Itself

In 2004, Scion made its nationwide debut in the United States, and the following year saw the release of the highly successful tC model, which had previously been known as the ccX in its conceptual phase. The tC was an instant hit, becoming one of the most popular models in the Scion lineup and helping to cement the brand's place in the automotive industry.

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4. Scion Expands to Canada

Scion, the popular car brand, made a big move in the North American market when it expanded its presence to Canada. After having already established itself in the United States, Scion was eager to capitalize on the Canadian market and began selling its vehicles in the country in 2010. The brand has since become a popular choice among Canadian drivers, offering a range of stylish and affordable vehicles that have been well-received by the public.

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5. The Simple, Neat, and Fast Process of Buying a Scion

The process of buying a Scion is designed to be as simple, neat, and fast as possible, so that customers can get the car they want without any hassle. Scion has streamlined the process to make it as easy as possible for customers to find the perfect car for them, from the initial search to the final purchase. The company has also implemented a variety of helpful features, such as online tools to help customers compare models and features, and a no-haggle pricing policy to ensure customers get the best deal.

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6. Heir to the Toyota Motor Corporation

The name Scion was chosen for the company to reflect its lineage to the Toyota Motor Corporation, as well as to the cars of the brand, as the word Scion means "heir" or "descendent". This was a fitting name for the company, as it was established as a division of the Toyota Motor Corporation, and the cars of the Scion brand are direct descendents of the Toyota family.

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7. Scion's 'Pure Price' Rocks Gen Y!

Scion has developed a unique 'Pure Price' technique to ensure that its target Gen Y audience responds positively. This technique, combined with a wide selection of accessories, allows Scion to provide its customers with an enjoyable and personalized shopping experience. Scion's goal is to make sure that its customers are able to find the perfect car for their needs and budget, and the 'Pure Price' technique and accessories selection help to make that possible.

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8. A Brand of Reliable Cars

Scion is a brand of cars that is owned by Toyota, and all of its models are designed to be of a single, standard level, rather than having trim variants like those found in the Toyota brand. This means that all Scion models are designed to provide the same level of quality and performance, regardless of the model chosen. This makes Scion an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable, high-quality car without having to worry about trim levels or extra features.

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9. Scion is targeting a younger demographic

The average car owner of the Scion brand is significantly younger than the average Toyota client, with the former being 39 years old and the latter being 54 years old. This suggests that Scion is targeting a younger demographic, likely those in their late twenties and early thirties, who are looking for a reliable and stylish car that fits their budget. With its modern design, affordability, and wide range of customization options, Scion has become a popular choice for younger drivers.

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10. Scion's guerrilla marketing tactics are working

Scion has taken an innovative approach to marketing, utilizing guerrilla tactics to reach potential customers directly. This approach has included a variety of unusual methods, such as flash mobs, interactive art installations, and even a mobile art gallery. By bypassing traditional advertising channels, Scion has been able to create a unique and memorable brand presence that resonates with their target audience.

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