Ten fun facts about Scion

Fact 1
The Scion brand was established in the year 2002. The target audience for the brand has mostly been clientele from the Gen Y who are keen to buy economy automobiles.

Fact 2
The earlier Scion car models like the xA hatchback as well as the xB wagon were first sold in California in 2003, and the city of Torrance in the same state is home to the company’s headquarters.

Fact 3
Scion had its nationwide unveiling in the United Sates in the year 2004 and the very next year the successful tC model rolled out, which was known as th ccX in its conceptual phase.

Fact 4
After having its presence felt in the United States, Scion as a brand expanded its presence to the neighboring nation of Canada.

Fact 5
The process of buying a Scion is said to be simple, neat and fast. The idea behind this highly simplified process was to allow their consumers to get what they want without any hassles.

Fact 6
Scion as a name means heir or descendent. This was chosen as the name of the company owing to its lineage i.e. the Toyota Motor Corporation as well as to the cars of the said brand.

Fact 7
Utilizing tools for sale like its own ‘Pure Price’ technique, coupled with a wide array of accessories to choose from, this ensures that its target Gen Y audience responds positively.

Fact 8
All car models of Scion are supposed to be of a standard level and not trim variants like in the parent Toyota brand.

Fact 9
The average car owner of this brand is believed to be 39 years of age as compared to an average Toyota client who would be 54 years old.

Fact 10
Scion emphasizes on unusual ways to make its brand visible to the public. They have used innovative schemes including guerrilla marketing in an attempt to reach out to their potential consumers directly instead of through a middle agency.

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Short about Scion
Is actually a cluster of assorted vehicles manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation, primarily for the North American market.