Ten fun facts about Bananas

Fact 1
While many bananas are specifically grown for the fruit, some are used to make fiber, banana beer and banana wine.

Fact 2
Bananas can help prevent depression and promote a feeling of wellness since they contain tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine.

Fact 3
Their skins can also serve as a quick shoe polish, if you rub the inside of the skin directly on your shoe then dry with a cloth.

Fact 4
A banana tree bears one bunch of bananas before it dies. Though it does naturally plant a new baby tree before it dies, it takes about 10 years to mature.

Fact 5
In Uganda, bananas are so significant in the people's diet that they use the same word for banana and food: 'matooke'.

Fact 6
Britain recorded at least 300 accidents involving bananas, or slipping on their peels in 2001.

Fact 7
Consuming bananas while trying to quit smoking can help your body recover from nicotine withdrawal, since bananas have B6, B12, potassium and magnesium.

Fact 8
Bananas originally were seeded, but because of human intervention and breeding, they are now seed free.

Fact 9
In Malay folklore, a ghost is said to inhabit banana plants during the day time called Pontianak.

Fact 10
Although called banana trees, they are actually grown on a plant that is classified as tree-like.

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Short about Bananas
An edible fruit produced by large flowering plants.

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